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Month: January 2015

TFMI Friday (Thank FIELDMOTION it\'s Friday)

Meeting with friends, watching your favourite TV shows or even playing some sport. These are the things we look forward to during the week. Nobody wants to spend their weekend catching up on paperwork. January is gloomy enough without having to do paperwork over the weekend. It’s a great feeling switching off your computer on…
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The Mobile Workers System

In today’s fast-moving world there are constant advances in how we do business, but one thing remains the same. We all have to do paperwork!! Let’s imagine all you mobile workers out there are going to work every day, collecting your forms in the morning, filling out your forms, waiting for the forms to process,…
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Did you wake up to snow this morning?

As Ruairi McSorley would say “Sure you wouldn\’t be long getting frost bit!”. When the bad weather conditions strike, everything comes to a stand still. Schools close, bus operations are cancelled and most importantly workers are unable to travel to their place of work. This proves to be very inconvenient for not only the employees…
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