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Month: March 2015

Paperless Office System

Paperless Office System – Do I need one? Small and medium-sized enterprises waste more than £42.2m per day in revenues. Looking for documents! (According to YouGov) £42.2m? Looking for documents! How can this be? We spend this on average just to locate documents? This could be so easily taken care of with our paperless office…
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Paperless Office iPhone

FIELDMOTION is now on iPhone! “Yay”, I hear all our Apple users cry out. Due to public demand, FIELDMOTION is now on the App store. On our quest to create the paperless office, it only makes sense doesn\’t it? Let\’s not dwell much further on that. Paperless office iPhone compatibility is the next step. Our mission…
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FIELDMOTION creates 25 Jobs in Newry

FIELDMOTION, the Newry based company behind the mobile workflow management software is rapidly expanding into one of the leaders in the market with 25 positions created in the first two months of 2015. In the past two years the company which specialises in recording real time data for staff working away from the office has…
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