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Month: April 2015

5 Types of people in every workplace

5 Types of people in every workplace We have compiled a short list of people you are most definitely going to find in every workplace. This list has been compiled for entertainment purposes only. If you are offended in any way, I will take time out of my day to compile a piece of music…
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Paperless Office

How YOU can create the Paperless Office If you are reading this article then it\’s clear you are looking for a paperless office solution. Why else would you be reading an article entitled “How YOU can create the Paperless Office”? Forgive me for jumping to this conclusion but I come to you with the best…
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Tips on how to create a paperless office

Tips on how to create a paperless office We have compiled a few tips on how FIELDMOTION can help you create a paperless office: 1. Reduce or discard paper Our workflow management software has been created to help field workers do paperwork in a more efficient manner. Using our form builder, you can create a…
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How to reduce administrative costs

Reduce administrative costs – How do I do it? Every business wants to do it. You hear it all the time in the office. How much was that? We’re spending too much on that. We need more paper! We have a wide range of customers that use our Workflow Management Software. They use our system…
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Facilities Management Show 2015

Facilities Management Show 2015 – Birmingham So how did it go? You ask. FIELDMOTION was in attendance at the 2015 Facilities Management Show in Birmingham. In a packed NEC arena, we sent our best girls to show off our product. Located at stand F25D, Michelle, Jennifer and Allison proudly displayed our workflow management software for…
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