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Month: July 2015

Generation Innovation Programme

In a recent episode of Nationwide, Newry man Tommy O\’Gorman tells us all about his life experiences and his further life ambitions. The programme focuses on Tommy\’s success and how he plans to give back to the community. From his humble beginnings in Newry, Tommy has soared to the top of his respective field. He tells us…
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3 reasons to implement a CRM system

It\’s time to take a look at your workflow management. If I asked you how efficient you believe your business processes are, chances are you would say, “they could be better”. Not to be too harsh but if you don\’t have a CRM system in place then your processes are lacking in an area your…
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Reduce Paperwork Over The Holidays

Are you doing paperwork over the holidays? Did you leave it all to the last minute? You were thinking you can’t wait to finish up, go home and crack open an ice cold Heineken and relax. It turns out you have left a stupid amount of paperwork to one side and forgot. I\’ve got my…
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Our Simple Workflow System

A Simple workflow system and why you need it! What is your biggest problem in business? Do you have too much paperwork? Are you not getting paid for your jobs because of late invoicing? Maybe you get agitated because you need to find this one piece of paper with important details on it. Either way, you…
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