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Month: April 2016

How to motivate staff?

  The success of any business is closely tied to the degree of motivation of its employees. A happy and hardworking team leads to high levels of productivity, which in turn leads to profitability for the entire organization. When morale is low, however, nothing seems to turn out well, and it\’s a good bet that…
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The UK Pension Fund Change And What It Means For You And Your Company

  The UK Pension Fund Change which started on Easter Monday 2015 has many implications for businesses around the country. In a survey made by the CBI, 80% of top executives are against the constant pension changes made by the government given the costs and compliance burdens they come with. So are UK Pension Fund…
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When Is The Right Time To Add A New Product To Your Business?

  There are many new products that are launched every year by companies all around the world. But if you look at the success rate, you can see only few of them are successful. Launching a new product needs a lot of planning because if it is not launched at the right time it will…
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