--> Month: April 2017 - Fieldmotion

Month: April 2017

how we got into field service management

FieldMotion started out (under a different name) as simply a way to record and upload forms on the phone. I was asked in 2012 or so to build a simple piece of software that could do this, and quoted a measly few hundred euro for the job. We laugh about that now, as the job…
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Artificial Intelligence in Field Service Management Software

A recent news article discussed how ServiceMax is using AI in their own software, but didn’t go very much in-depth into what’s being done. In FieldMotion, we use artificial intelligence in many areas, from the obvious ones such as real-time voice recognition in text entry fields, to less obvious areas such as optical character recognition…
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Zapier integration coming to FieldMotion

One of the questions we are asked a lot when talking with clients is, “Does your service management software integrate with […]”, followed by any number of different software products, such as Quickbooks, Opera, Sage, Xero, Google Calendar, etc. Instead of spending decades and linking individually to each of these, we decided to use the…
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Workflow management

In the service industries, workflow management involves setting up a flow from job to job based on overall plans, or whatever was discovered during each step. The simplest example might be a flow where one type of job is always followed by another. For example, when a pipe needs to be laid in the ground,…
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Job-scheduling in the field with FieldMotion

As companies get larger, the jobs become more specialised. The person who used to do accounting and data entry now has someone to do data entry so can concentrate on accounting. The field worker who had to make on-the-spot decisions as well as carry out the jobs, is now a manager in charge of a…
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