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Month: May 2017

the best field service management software! and other news

While reading up on the news today in the field service industry, I found yet another example of a field services management company which is just one of many similar companies, claiming to be the “leading” company in the industry. They get away with this because “leading” doesn’t really mean anything measurable when used in…
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managing assets with FieldMotion's field service management software

Most of the clients that come to us are in service management of some sort or another. In the beginning, our largest clients were in housing management, where workers would be assigned to go check on customer complaints such as broken doors, faulty boilers, etc. Lately, though, we get a lot of companies that work…
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recent Field Service Management news

A global marking and printing specialist, Markem-Imaje, has increased their lead generation by 60% and decreased on-site customer service appointment times by 20% by adopting field service management software. Predictive maintenance involves using artificial intelligence to crunch the numbers on already-examined assets in order to predict future work needed. The medical equipment manufacturer Medivators uses…
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using the FieldMotion API for your own project

We sometimes have customers who ask if they can link to FieldMotion so their internal systems can be updated automatically. If it’s something very common, then we might already have that built into our Zapier plugin, but if they’re looking for a more indepth connection, we ask them to use our API. An API (Application…
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field service software for fire and security

Fire and security inspections are hard work. Everyone we’ve dealt with had the same problem – they would do the inspection, which might take only a few hours, but then the tedious work happens – hours and hours of documentation. Of all the field service management industries we’ve addressed, fire and security inspections appear to…
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Scaling up in field service management software

Every now and then, we have a client ask us whether it’s possible that we could just install our field service management software in their datacentre (or even their office). At one time, about five years ago, we might have been able to say “Yes” to that, but the system is now so large that…
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