--> Month: July 2017 - Fieldmotion

Month: July 2017

Improved reports for risk assessment industry users

This week, we concentrated on improving the creation and output of reports for risk assessment software. These reports tend to be 60 or more pages long (the PAS 79 2016 report, for example), and so can normally take hours of tedious work for the engineer to fill out. By using FieldMotion, you cut that down…
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Iterative development

From our own point of view, and from the points of view of our customers, it is nice to be at a point in our service management software development where we are developing iteratively instead of coming out with new tricks every week. image: clean, rinse, repeat While I love it when we develop something…
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Customer Relationship Management

At its heart, all companies need to manage customer relations. For the smallest of companies, this can be as simple as meeting a customer in the shops and waving hello, or calling up someone you haven’t spoken to in a while to tell them of someone that might need their services (and to remind them…
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Field Service Scheduling Software

Scheduling is a big part of field service. When a boiler is inspected, you may want to schedule a maintenance visit in six months or a year. If you are doing a health checkup on a patient and all is well, you might schedule the next checkup for a year from the visit, or for…
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How developers are developed in FieldMotion

No two projects are the same. A person coming moving from FaceBook to Google will be lost for the first month. A person moving from Uber to Yahoo would also be lost. The same is true for all tech companies. When we hire a developer for our workflow management software, we follow a “boot camp”…
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