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21 Nov 2018

4 Benefits of digitized job sheets

in Service Management News by Kae Verens

What are digitized job sheets?

Digitized Job Sheets/ Forms/ Electronic job forms etc are computerized paper job completion forms.
Basically, it is the paper form that an engineer or technician fills out while doing a specific job.

Businesses are now starting to move away from the traditional way of filling out job sheets and have became paperless businesses. This is turn has affected many private and public job tenders as they now list digital job sheets as a requirement.

Ok but there’s nothing wrong with filling out paper forms, we’ve always done it that way.

As a business owner, if you’re happy to continue working with an inefficient, costly and time intensive method and you’re not interested in learning how to save time (no more weekend working), save money (no more costly paper and the hassle it can bring with it) and increase your efficiency (by doing less work) then this blog post is not for you!

…you’ve piqued my interest, go on.

Great, I’ll explain to you how millions of companies across the globe are reaping the benefits of ditching paper job forms!

One of our customers used to spend an average of $8,300 a year on all the processes involved with physical paperwork (printing, booklet ordering and sending the paperwork back to the office), now they have saved that money, their employees have also reported that it takes 50% less time to do the same task and in turn they save 33 hours per week!
(Source: Air Precision Drilling Inc

Digitizing your forms isn’t looking too bad now,eh?

1. Convenience 

Need to look up something quickly, just search for it, from any device, wherever you are.

All your data is highly searchable! No longer will you have to phone back to the office, for your office staff to go through reams of physical paperwork, you essentially have all your paperwork, in your pocket, along with a complete archived record of everything ever done, in regards to the paperwork you need.

2. Customization

Your forms are completely customizable!

Your logo, your address, your professional paperwork all completed digitally, you can even take photographs and attach them to into your forms, including capturing signatures on your mobile device.

3. Automation

All your forms can carry automation rules.

Let’s give you two examples, one of your employees has 3 parts needed for a job, in their vehicle. When they are filling out their digitized form and select that they have used 3 parts, an email is automatically sent to purchasing to let them know that this employee’s van needs more parts to complete more jobs.

Another example would be that an employee is filling out a maintenance check on a particular asset, this asset needs to be checked again in every three weeks. The employee then completes the maintenance check form and automatically a job is created for that asset in three weeks time.

This is only two of multiple scenarios and automation rules that can be set up but you can see how convenient this already is!

4. Storage

No longer will you have to have bulky files, filled with physical paperwork, cluttering up your office.

All your paperwork is stored digitally on state-of-the-art secure servers, which can be accessed anytime, only by you. All your data is backed up, meaning you will never lose any of your data, ever, making your business a paperless business.
(That’s one less thing to worry about!)


If you’re interested in learning more about digitized job sheets, becoming a paperless business and having a free demo with your paperwork digitized, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!