About Us

FieldMotion Ltd was founded in 2012 by CEO Jim Finnegan and Managing Director Jerome Finnegan.

The FieldMotion concept was first devised as a solution to enable businesses to better manage their field based operatives but has evolved into a fully functioning, intuitive and easy to use Mobile Workforce Management platform enabling business owners to take back control of the day to day running of their companies.

With a head office in Newry, the FieldMotion brand has expanded worldwide. As well as facilitating businesses across Ireland and the UK, FieldMotion operates in the USA and Australia, providing their solution to many different industry sectors via their direct sales channel and active Partner Channel in these countries.


75 Belfast Road, Newry, BT34 1QH
Europe Phone: +44 (0)28 3025 6444


One Boston Place, Suite 2600, Boston, MA, 02108
US Phone: 415 651 7006