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31 Jul 2018

August Tips & Tricks

August Fieldmotion Update

Wooh! August already. Doesn’t seem like a month from our last update.  We have some exciting new features introduced to the Fieldmotion software recently. If you have any suggestions, please let us know via our ticket system. Here is what we have been up to:

New Features:

Report Changes

Previously, when a report is generated and sent, the email that is sent contains the full report as an attachment. However, some reports can be quite long, and we have had reports before of emails not arriving at their intended targets because the mail servers refused to accept emails that were that large. Adding extra files as attachments exacerbates this problem.

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Add Multiple Email Addresses

When a job is completed you can choose to send a PDF report to the client via the desktop or the mobile app by selecting the clickable field. Our new feature now allows the user to attach multiple email addresses to each individual client, allowing more than one person to receive each report if need be.

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Tips & Tricks:

App Troubleshooting

This video will help you troubleshoot your app if your engineers have any problems.

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Create Invoice

This video will help you create an invoice within the Fieldmotion system.

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Create a user

This video will help you create a new user within Fieldmotion.

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