Workflow Management System

FieldMotion's workflow system allows users to work on their own tasks, without needing to worry about who will do the next part. We supply robust "on complete" logic which allows automatic creation and assignation of new tasks based on details filled in on the form for the task you just completed.

All workflows in FieldMotion are customisable. You can freely decide how new jobs are created, based on whatever criteria you want. We do not restrict you in any way.

Some examples of workflow that we have automated:

The workflows that you create can be "chained" - one job type can create one or more others, which can create one or more others, etc. So, for example, you could create a workflow for the entire construction of a building, or the full maintenance of whatever assets you manage. We would not presume to completely automate medicine, obviously, but we can help with the decision-making!

While it is impossible to say qualitatively that we have the absolute best workflow management system, we have never come across a workflow that we couldn't replicate in our system.

If you'd like to talk to us about our workflow management system, please request a demo.