Paperless Office System

Paperless Office System – Do I need one?

Small and medium-sized enterprises waste more than £42.2m per day in revenues. Looking for documents! (According to YouGov)

£42.2m? Looking for documents!

How can this be? We spend this on average just to locate documents?

This could be so easily taken care of with our paperless office system.

Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you contribute to the waste!

It’s common practice to use a filing system. In modern business, there is a lot of paper. A lot of filing cabinets. Lots of people filling these filing cabinets also. With our paperless office system you can completely eliminate the need for a standard filing cabinet.

Businesses need to comply with standard guidelines when it comes to storing records. Unlike a standard filing cabinet, our paperless office system has no limit to the amount of documents you can store. On top of which, each document will have a unique reference number.

No more will you need to rummage through archives to find a certain document. All of your documents are just a click away.

Here\’s a bit of simple math for you:

Wasted time = 0
Time = Money

What more do I have to say?

We can all relate to the pains of paperwork. We are well used to the same processes day in, day out. Yet we cannot see the simple solution in front of our very own eyes.

Using our paperless office system will completely transform your business. It will improve customer service. Above all, it will allow you to see a return on investment almost instantly.

You will notice administration costs have fallen dramatically. Your workflow will be streamlined. An improvement in communication levels and a vast improvement in customer relations will swiftly follow.

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Paperless Office iPhone

FIELDMOTION is now on iPhone!

“Yay”, I hear all our Apple users cry out.

Due to public demand, FIELDMOTION is now on the App store. On our quest to create the paperless office, it only makes sense doesn\’t it? Let\’s not dwell much further on that.

Paperless office iPhone compatibility is the next step. Our mission is to not only create a streamlined workflow. We want businesses to save money. We want to make their lives easier.

How can you do that? I hear you say.

Let me tell you how. A business has many areas that need to work in sync to be considered profitable. There are needless costs in every business. You\’ve heard the expression. “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. This bares a very real comparison to business. If one area works at a rate that costs you money, do you keep throwing money at it? No, you do not!

I\’ve got an idea. Let’s spend needless amounts of money in an attempt to turn a profit for a job that will probably cost us the same if not more money to get done. If you are a business owner, you would say “don’t be ridiculous!” Of course it’s ridiculous, but businesses still do it.

Don’t just take my word for it. Use our calculator to see how much money you are wasting.


We believe we have truly cracked it. We are enabling business owners to take control of their finances. We are giving them piece of mind. Letting them know that each and every piece of business is on record and profitable. All the while, increasing workflow and cutting costs in areas you didn\’t know you were spending in.

Don’t wait a minute longer Apple users. Sign up today to be a part of the paperless office iPhone revolution!

FIELDMOTION creates 25 Jobs in Newry

FIELDMOTION, the Newry based company behind the mobile workflow management software is rapidly expanding into one of the leaders in the market with 25 positions created in the first two months of 2015.

In the past two years the company which specialises in recording real time data for staff working away from the office has gone from five employees to more than 30 people working in sales, marketing and operations.

Jerome Finnegan, Managing Director from FIELDMOTION said, “The software has been operational for two years but it is only in 2014/15 that we have really sensed a lift in the market to enable us to rapidly expand the reach of the product and take on the additional staff.

“Basically, the FIELDMOTION software allows sales people, engineers, tradespeople and other service providers who work away from the office to record data and send it safely back to the office in real time straight from their smartphone. This includes everything from signatures and photos to reports and documentation. With the system in place which manages the customer relationship it effectively allows companies to create completely paperless offices which is not only good for the environment but is proven to save money.

“We have noticed real growth in the construction and trade sectors for the product which coincides with an overall brighter outlook in the economy.”

Jerome added, “Through organic growth across Ireland and the UK markets, we hope to experience further year on year growth in 2015.”

Newry Chamber of Commerce and Trade. (2015). FIELDMOTION Growth Brings 25 Jobs to Newry. Available: Last accessed 05/03/2015.