5 Types of people in every workplace

5 Types of people in every workplace

We have compiled a short list of people you are most definitely going to find in every workplace. This list has been compiled for entertainment purposes only. If you are offended in any way, I will take time out of my day to compile a piece of music on the world’s smallest violin.

How many of these people do you work with?


1. The Know-All or “Armchair Expert”

If you work in an office, it’s more than likely that you encounter more than one of these people on a daily basis. These are the people that know how to do something they\’ve never done before but can tell you it’s easy, it shouldn\’t take long and then ask “is it done yet?”

How to spot this person: They ask you to do something they have been asked to do but can’t.

2. The Brown Nose or “The Echo”

Nobody likes a “Brown Nose”. Even the victim(s) of ‘brown nosing’ does not like a brown noser. The main reason we don’t like these folk is because they say the most basic things and expect praise for it. Maybe the main reason is because it is an art-form in its own right. They have the ability to disagree with you in certain situations without offending you or make you question your friendship. Under the facade lies a crafty git. They may apply stealth tactics to get where they want to go, but at least they have a plan.

How to spot this person: Take a look at their nose and assess the colour.

3. The Joker or “The Comedian”

Everyone knows and has a joker in the office. If you ever need a pick up on a particularly hard day, go and see the joker. From witty one-liners to bizarre life lessons, you will ask yourself “What is going through that guy’s head?” I prefer not to know if I am being honest. The dark arts are a dangerous area I do not wish to venture in to.

How to spot this person: They are usually the ones that are laughing at fart videos on their lunch.

4. The Blunt One or “The Conscience”

If there is more than one person in your workplace that falls into this category, all I can say is this: aren’t they just the best? They are the only people that tell it as it is. If you are thinking about something that perhaps would be better left unsaid, you can bet “The Conscience” will say it.

How to spot this person: You don’t need to be on the lookout, you will know from day one.

5. The Salesman or “Del Boy”

The talkers of the workforce: they will find something to talk about if it kills them. They are the ones that bring in the big money to the company and ‘modestly’ talk about how great they are and how everyone else could learn from. You will not find a salesman in any company that isn’t driven. They are paid on commission mostly, so you can understand why they regale stories to everyone ‘listening’.

How to spot this person: Just listen out for someone talking absolute drivel.

So there you have it, our list of people you will find in every workplace. Of course this is only a short list. There are so many more I could write about and maybe will at a later date.

Get in touch and let us know how many you work with.

Paperless Office

How YOU can create the Paperless Office

If you are reading this article then it\’s clear you are looking for a paperless office solution. Why else would you be reading an article entitled “How YOU can create the Paperless Office”? Forgive me for jumping to this conclusion but I come to you with the best solution to your paperwork woes.

Imagine going to work and not having to do paperwork. Sounds wonderful, doesn\’t it? This is a completely real possibility. You have the time, money and people to create the paperless office.

You just don\’t have the right tools to make it a reality.
How FIELDMOTION can create the paperless office – READ THIS

How efficient is my business?

You may be thinking you are already working to your best abilities. You may feel like you have exhausted all avenues to try and cut costs and streamline your business.

If you\’d like to know just how much money you are (wasting) spending to keep your business going, use our Savings Calculator.

Do you believe you are using all of your resources to their full capacity? Of course not.

You are still doing paperwork. Spending money to transport your field workers to and from jobs with paper forms. Our workflow management software has been designed to eliminate these costs.

No more pointless travelling to and from a job to get a signature. Our built in signature capture allows your field workers to get their signed paperwork back to the office instantly. This means you can have your invoice ready to be sent out as soon as the job is complete.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more FIELDMOTION can do to help you create a paperless office.

Request a free demo today to see what else we can do for YOU.

Tips on how to create a paperless office

Tips on how to create a paperless office

We have compiled a few tips on how FIELDMOTION can help you create a paperless office:

1. Reduce or discard paper

Our workflow management software has been created to help field workers do paperwork in a more efficient manner. Using our form builder, you can create a truly paperless office. No more will you need to collect paperwork from the office. Everything can be filled out with our software.

2. File Storage

All of the forms you have built onto the system will be stored for future use. That means all of the jobs you complete will be made available to you with the click of a button. Whenever you need to find a job that was completed weeks, months or even years beforehand you can find it all without the need of a filing cabinet and much faster.

3. Streamline workflow

Field workers no longer need to make long journeys to and from the office to collect any paperwork. Allowing you to increase productivity, complete more ‘paperwork’ for jobs, save money on petrol and diesel expenses etc. Using our software will allow your office staff to receive paperwork instantly, so now you can bill for a job as soon as it is finished.

4. More efficient

Your business will be more efficient because you no longer need paper. This, in turn means you won’t need a filing cabinet. You won’t have to recycle paper waste. Jobs are being processed much faster than ever before. The administration process is so much smoother. The list goes on and on.

5. Saving the environment

Who doesn\’t want to save our precious planet? We have created a workflow management system that means we’ll never have to use paper. We don’t need to fill out paper forms, job sheets, risk assessments etc. We have allowed our customers to be more Green because they too have changed the way they do business. We won’t be cutting down any trees in the future.

There are so many areas that can help you create a paperless office. These are just a few that we know FIELDMOTION does to create a paperless office. We know because we implement this into our daily workflow management. This is only a fraction of what our workflow management software can do to help you and your business.

Request a free demo today to see just what FIELDMOTION can do for your business.

How to reduce administrative costs

Reduce administrative costs – How do I do it?

Every business wants to do it. You hear it all the time in the office. How much was that? We’re spending too much on that. We need more paper!

We have a wide range of customers that use our Workflow Management Software. They use our system for various reasons. Their reasons can sometimes be the same. One thing they all want to do is reduce administrative costs.

We all know that paperwork is a painstaking process. First of all, you need to collect this paperwork. Then, you must fill it out. When you have done this, you often need a signature. When this is done, you then need to file it. At a later stage you will need to search for it. That is a lot of time and effort. Would I go as far as to say “wasted time”? Yes I would!

Every day our customers are able to reduce administrative costs. This is due to the fact that FIELDMOTION allows users to build paper forms onto their mobile devices. In essence, you are creating a digital form. You are on your way to the paperless office.

It is important to keep copies of your records. There is no doubt about that, especially if they are clients’ details. If you were to store records on paper, within a filing cabinet. Do you think that is secure enough? That information is free for anyone to see. All they have to do is take a look. Is it not more secure to use a system that allows access to designated administrators?

There is only one way to reduce administrative costs. 

FIELDMOTION’s workflow management software!

I say one way, I really mean so much more. FIELDMOTION not only allows you to fill out digital forms on your mobile device. Workers can take photos of the jobs they have carried out and use the signature capture feature within FIELDMOTION to sign off on any jobs. It is also a CRM system that enhances customer relationships. Our workflow management software allows you to do all of this and so much more.

With all of this at your fingertips, you can see why FIELDMOTION is THEE one and only way to reduce administrative costs.

Would you like to stop doing paperwork? Then you need to use our system. Why not request a free demo now to see our workflow management software in action?

Facilities Management Show 2015

Facilities Management Show 2015 – Birmingham

So how did it go? You ask.

FIELDMOTION was in attendance at the 2015 Facilities Management Show in Birmingham. In a packed NEC arena, we sent our best girls to show off our product. Located at stand F25D, Michelle, Jennifer and Allison proudly displayed our workflow management software for all to see.

In a bid to increase our exposure to an ever growing market, we can say it was a great success. We had met with a range of companies across many different sectors. They all had questions about how our product could be used for their business.

“Our mission is to create a paperless office. How can we not work for your business?” said Michelle. “Even if you do not completely eliminate paper from your office, you will have drastically reduced costs related to the fact you are using paper” she continued.

We had two days to get our paperless office message out there. Each and every business we came across had told us about the problems they face. The NEC had guys from within the construction trade, engineering, facilities management and so many more. They had a lot of problems. So much so, I will have to write another article just to cover them. That being said, they all had one thing in common!

Their paperwork is not getting back to the office fast enough!

There were even companies that told us they did not receive paperwork for a job they finished 4 weeks previous.

That is just not good enough!

Using our workflow management software, you can send your paperwork back to the office instantly. Just one click and the paperwork your worker has filled out on his mobile device, is back in the office. No pens, no paper. No needless journeys. No wasted petrol money!

We showed the savings calculator we had created to everyone interested in our workflow management software. Let’s just say, we have never seen so many people get so excited about a calculator.

Click here to see the savings you can make

We went to the NEC arena to gauge an interest in our workflow management software. We left with an overwhelming number of companies that took our product. They had seen we were serious about saving businesses money. Remember the calculator?

These savings are just the start. Request a free demo of our paperless office software to see how much more there is to our product.

I promise you will not be disappointed!