Generation Innovation Programme

In a recent episode of Nationwide, Newry man Tommy O\’Gorman tells us all about his life experiences and his further life ambitions. The programme focuses on Tommy\’s success and how he plans to give back to the community.

From his humble beginnings in Newry, Tommy has soared to the top of his respective field. He tells us all about his work life, successes and shares some tricks of the trade that seen him buy shares in a company for £1, which he eventually sold for £7.5m!

What is the Generation Innovation Programme?

Tommy O\’Gorman and Jim Finnegan (CEO of Workflow Management Software Company FIELDMOTION Ltd) have spearheaded a programme in conjunction with Northern Ireland\’s Science Park, fittingly titled the “Generation Innovation Programme“. This programme will give young entrepreneurs the unique chance to progress their own start-up business throughout July and August.

Joining Tommy on the programme is Jim Finnegan, a long time friend of Tommy, Newry native and a successful entrepreneur. Earning his fortune in Mobile Communications and now Workflow Management Software, the Generation Innovation Programme was something of great interest to him.

Of the 40 entries, 6 have been short-listed and awarded a bursary of £2,000 with mentoring to further their attempt at getting their start-up off the ground. By September, the successful candidates will be given the chance to pitch against each other for a £10,000 prize to develop their business further. On top of this prize, the overall winner will receive a full year of mentoring.

Read all about the Generation Innovation Programme here

3 reasons to implement a CRM system

It\’s time to take a look at your workflow management. If I asked you how efficient you believe your business processes are, chances are you would say, “they could be better”. Not to be too harsh but if you don\’t have a CRM system in place then your processes are lacking in an area your competitors have already picked up on. We believe these 3 reasons to implement a CRM System are the most important.

3 Reasons to Implement OUR CRM system

1. Save Money

A CRM system is used to manage the relationship between you and your customers. Keeping an account of every piece of information you have. Knowing everything you need to know in order to help your customer as best you can. Imagine you owned a £1bn company and you didn’t have a digital copy of your customers’ information. That would be one BIG filing cabinet, wouldn’t it?

These companies are using a variation of workflow management software, which will always use a CRM for these types of processes. Why? Because it cuts cost dramatically! It allows you to instantly pull up any information on request. What makes more business sense to you? Rummaging through a filing cabinet for an A4 size sheet with customers’ details on it? Or typing a customers’ name into a search bar within your CRM? Of course it’s the latter. You are already saving time and we always hear that ‘time is money’.

Doesn’t it make sense then that the number one reason for implementing a CRM system into your business is going to be because it saves money? Not just a few quid here and there. I\’m talking £1000’s!! Check out our savings calculator to see how much.

2. Reduce paperwork

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! Have you ever wondered what life would be like without having to do paperwork? Of course you have, you’re reading this paragraph entitled ‘Reduce Paperwork’ 😉

It makes sense that you want to get away from doing paperwork. It’s time-consuming, tedious and sooo boring! I think you would agree; filling out forms is a pain in the ass. You can read all about my paperwork rant in my other article ‘Should you change how you do paperwork?’

3. Take on more work

Having a CRM system is great for saving money and cutting costs. It is also a great way to manage your workflow more efficiently. You are giving yourself the chance to take on more work. This is because the processes that are implemented through the CRM system are speeding up your daily workflow. The faster you can work, the more you can get done, right? As a result, you can willingly take on more work and not have to think about passing on a job elsewhere because you were ‘too busy’.

Of course there are many more reasons to implement a CRM system into your business. If you are willing to implement a CRM, then you are on the right page. These 3 reasons alone can be good enough to change your mind set but a CRM will only help you so far. There is so much more you can do.

Request a free demo of our workflow management software to see how you can go above and beyond your competition.

Reduce Paperwork Over The Holidays

Are you doing paperwork over the holidays?

Did you leave it all to the last minute? You were thinking you can’t wait to finish up, go home and crack open an ice cold Heineken and relax. It turns out you have left a stupid amount of paperwork to one side and forgot. I\’ve got my violin ready, so here we go.

If you are in a working environment where every day you have to file documents, chances are at some stage or another you have thought “I’d love to just throw a match at it all.” To this I say, don’t be too hasty. There is a way you can avoid doing paperwork full stop never mind doing paperwork over the holidays. You\’ve got a workflow management system in place right?

Wouldn’t you love to walk into an office and not see a single drop of paperwork waiting for you? Then why not make it possible? It’s in your capable hands. I’ve written an article about this before so I won’t stick myself on repeat, you can read about it here.

There is nothing we love more than a nice holiday break, whether it’s a week in Rome sipping on a mocha-choca-batte-latte (I’m a tea-drinker) or a week of laying around your house watching crap TV and eating like a bear preparing for hibernation.

We all feel the need to get everything done, get it “out of the way” but we often falter and just blame ourselves. We’re too lazy or we have too much to do. You can decide which category you belong to.

To say I don’t have this problem would be an understatement. I admittedly say that with a big, smug smile on my face. Why? My ‘paperwork’ won’t stop me from lying in a heap in front of the TV for a week. Our workflow management software has taken care of that.

If you have this all too common problem, I would say why put yourself through it? Make the change now and lighten your workload. Your competition are implementing workflow management software so why aren\’t you?

Henry Ford said it better than I ever could, so I leave you with the words of the great innovator himself. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Our Simple Workflow System

A Simple workflow system and why you need it!

What is your biggest problem in business? Do you have too much paperwork? Are you not getting paid for your jobs because of late invoicing? Maybe you get agitated because you need to find this one piece of paper with important details on it. Either way, you would like to put a stop to it all.

So why aren’t businesses streamlining their workflow? I’ll tell you why, people are afraid of change. They fear the unknown. That’s why so many businesses are still using ancient methods of business. They are used to doing the same thing day in, day out.

People are not embracing technology the way they should be. Today, you can access your bank account on your mobile phone. Make payments and transfer money. We’ve come a long way from playing Snake on the Nokia 3310, wouldn’t you say?

Our system is easy to use

A common issue people have is that they think workflow systems are complicated and too technical. This is true for a lot of systems but if you think they are all the same, you are mistaken. You don’t have to be an IT expert to use our software. We have developed a simple workflow system that completely transforms how you do business. This organically increases revenue margin and cash flow.



It\’s completely paperless

Our simple workflow system enables you to streamline your workflow. You can fill out all types of forms, job sheets, proposals etc. on your mobile device. This information is then sent instantly back to the office CRM. Your office staff can then process this information allowing for faster invoicing.

Oh and it\’s really fast!

The main feature of our system is that it is instant. As soon as a field worker is finished filling out a form on their mobile device, it is sent immediately back to the office. No need to drive anywhere. No waiting around for paperwork and payments can be made much faster than ever before. What’s not to love?



Why don\’t you register for our webinars? They are hosted every Tuesday and Friday and give a good insight into how our simple workflow system will work for your business.