Interning at FieldMotion: Kasia Kaplińska

My name is Kasia and I am a 2nd year student of the foundation degree in Computing at the Southern Regional College. I am currently completing my work placement with Fieldmotion and so far I am enjoying every aspect of it.

Kasia Kaplińska
My first week of placement within the company involved training and familiarisation with the Fieldmotion CRM as well as the App. I was given a thorough explanation of the system and its features, which helped me understand and realise the benefits of using Fieldmotion for businesses who deal with field-based workers.

During my time with Fieldmotion so far, I was given the opportunity to work on a range of tasks, all of which enabled me to improve upon my current skills. I was responsible for handling inbound calls, as well as carrying out customer service calls, to see how customers were getting on with the system. I also got the chance to work on the design and creation of customer forms, which at times were challenging, depending on the form complexity. My primary project that I am due to complete before the end of my placement, requires me to carryout thorough testing of Assets on the cp9 version of the system, which is not yet released for customer use. In addition, I recently had a chance to work directly with the directors of the company on designing and creating animated videos for Fieldmotion, which will potentially be used as a form of advertisement for the company and its software. I have particularly enjoyed this task as it enables me to use my creativity, as well as work alongside individuals whose knowledge about Business management and Sales is second to none.

I’m glad I choose Fieldmotion for my work placement. I got the opportunity to work with innovative people who constantly strive for excellence, both with the Fieldmotion software, as well as customer service. I am happy I was able to witness the exceptional work Fieldmotion staff delivers and I am hoping to take my experiences with me for the future. More so, I am aware the IT industry offers wide range of career paths, but as a student who had no previous experience in working within an IT industry, I wasn’t sure what the best path for me is. Now, I can honestly say, my time with Fieldmotion has opened my eyes to make me realise the opportunities that lay ahead of me in the near future.

FSM in the news this week

This week, we look at how Sears Home Services improved visit times by 40 minutes, a prediction of 11% market growth by Technavio, and a report by Plant Services showing that 70% of companies that use FSM report a boost on their ROI.

Sears Home Services is a company that provides servicing for all sorts of home appliances in various states in the US. They have more than 6000 engineers. They rolled out a field worker software over nine months using an iPhone app called SeeIt, and calculate that they reduced service visit times by an average of 40 minutes. see report here. With FieldMotion, the field workers can use their own Android or iPhone devices, and FieldMotion works whether the connection is solid, spotty, or even non-existent. Talk to us about our field worker software.

Plant Services is an industry magazine for plant maintenance professionals. In a recent paper, they reported that 70% of companies that adopted field service management software reported a positive financial impact from the investment. Talk to us about field software to see what savings you can make.

Technavio have released a paper predicting that the field services management market will grow more than 11% between now and 2020. If you’re not in it, you can’t win it! Contact us for a demo of how your business can use field service management software to improve your workflow.

Customer Spotlight: BPF Road Safety

We contacted Roisin Maguire of BPF Road Marking to ask how their company was coming along with FieldMotion. Here are the questions and answers we received.

BPF Road Markings

Tell us a bit about your company

We are a road marking company who like to keep at the forefront of developments, and ensure our clients get the best possible service. Our electronic presence is important to us and to our demanding clients in public and private sectors.

Please tell us a little about your position in the company

I’m the business manager and as such am tasked with ensuring our systems work smoothly, and keeping up to date with latest developments and innovative ways of ensuring efficient, effective work practices. I also hold a personal commitment to promoting environmental issues within the workplace and as such am interested in any innovations which allow us to reduce our organisational footprint.

What problems were you having that FieldMotion was brought in to fix?

We had far too many sheets of paper to be filled in, transcribed onto our online systems, filed, and revised. Fieldmotion was adopted as a means of bringing these paper sheets together electronically in a straightforward, intuitive manner which would allow all members of staff to carry out the required tasks and minimise task repetition. Incidentally the system has helped to eliminate lost paperwork and mislaid measurements, saving us a great deal of time and trouble.

How has FieldMotion affected your business since you’ve started using it?

Fieldmotion has allowed us to work in a more effective and efficient manner. We can now easily access past records in a matter of seconds, check job details and amend jobcards with a click of a mouse, and send updated information and drawings to our workers out on the road. They can file reports at the click of a button on their phone, which allows instant invoicing and troubleshooting where required. Simple transformation of jobcards into job reports for the customer and invoices save many hours of paper collation and handwritten invoice drafts. Photographs taken on site allow instant understanding of any issues arising. Signature facility allows sign-off of work by the customer, and the system creates an excellent impression of smooth operational function.

If you could put a number on it, how many hours/person/week have you saved by switching to FieldMotion?

We have saved at least one person half their time per week by bringing in Fieldmtion. As we didn’t have that time to spare, this means that we have freed up valuable time for doing other more productive tasks than routine paper pushing.

Do you think that FieldMotion software will help your company take on more work?

Absolutely. More time to advertise, deal with enquiries, organise and schedule additional work, as well as the increased number of enquiries we get from referral, by people impressed with our FIELDMOTION system in operation.

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