Customer Spotlight: Heyn Engineering Solutions

About our company

Heyn Engineering Solutions offers a comprehensive range of materials handling solutions to leading industrial, manufacturing and warehousing sectors in the UK and Ireland. A complete service is provided from assessment and design to the installation, testing, training and maintenance of all solutions.

Heyn are representatives in Ireland for a number of leading manufacturers including Demag Cranes & Components, SEW Eurodrive Drives & Geared Motors, Reid Lifting Equipment and Tractel Lifting & Moving Solutions. These relationships are built on a mutual reputation for high quality performance and service excellence.

Heyn Engineering Solutions has broadened its services from Cranes, Hoists & Drives

  • Lifting Equipment and Accessories
  • Tractel Safety Components
  • Machine Moving, Service and Maintenance
  • Equipment Examination and Inspection (LOLER and PUWER)
  • Ship Management and Repair
  • Heyn Engineering Solution have a team of highly skilled consultants and industry-qualified engineers who receive regular product and service training. All services are carried out in compliance with today’s quality standards, using field service management software to record all jobs in real-time.

    My position in the company

    Kevin Denvir is Director of Engineering for Heyn Handling Solutions. Responsible for high level management of the division and all staff and processes that sit within the Engineering division and provides overall direction to work towards the company’s strategic objectives.

    What are the problems that Fieldmotion was brought in to fix?

    Fieldmotion was implemented to replace work books being completed by engineers on site. Naturally it took some time to have these copies returned to the office, copies could get lost or writing was unclear. This increased time taken for parts ordering, diary management and then in turn impacted upon invoicing and debtor days.

    How has Fieldmotion affected your business since you started using it?

    Fieldmotion has helped to transform our processes in the Engineering division. It has provided a platform to co-ordinate our engineers and receive real-time feedback on each of their jobs. This has improved our processes for parts provision, engineering diary management, it has helped to speed up invoicing and improve on the number of days it takes for customers to pay. Overall, we have not looked back since starting to use Fieldmotion and have recently implemented the platform in other areas of the business.

    If you could put a number on it. How many hours/person/week have you saved by switching to Fieldmotion?

    Heyn Engineering have used Fieldmotion as the basis for job management and reporting on a recently awarded contract with NI Water. Since the start of this contract we believe Fieldmotion has saved us approximately 15 mins per item, equating to 300 hours per month on average.

    Do you think that Fieldmotion software will help your company take on more work?

    Fieldmotion has already allowed us to implement a recent large contract with NI Water smoothly and effectively and has been vital in allowing our administration staff working on this contract to provide reports within the timeframes outlined in the contract. I have no doubt that Fieldmotion will continue to become an integral part of Heyn Engineering processes and will help us to provided added value to our current customer base and also attract new business.

    Field Service Management news this week

    The FSM market size is set to more than double in size by from 1.78 billion USD in 2016 to 3.61 billion in 2021, according to a new report by Research And Markets. Factors that the report say are driving the expansion are the market’s need for the centralised management of field services, real-time collaboration, increased operational efficiency, and reduced operational costs, which Field Service Management software is known for.

    Power Pro-Tech, a US company that specialises in service and installation of distributed power systems has recently started using FSM software to manage its workforce. They report a 10% increase in engineer productivity, a drop of more than 50% in open work orders, a decrease in overall administration, work orders are closed quicker, and invoices go out quicker. Contact us to hear how we can do the same for you, or use our savings calculator to figure out the savings for yourself.

    Finances Online have done a fantastic review of our own product, FieldMotion, rating it 8/10. We have been given the Rising Star 2017 Award and the Great User Experience 2017 Award. Talk to us about our field service management software – we’re happy to give you a demo!

    Customer Spotlight: Just Energy

    Tell us a bit about your company

    We are an energy services company that allows our customers to live more sustainably. From efficient heating, to renewable heating and solar PV to electric vehicle charge points, we are continually helping evolve the way that energy is harnessed and used.

    Because we offer a totally holistic service, from initial contact, right the way through to design, installation and ongoing maintenance, we are uniquely placed to serve both the private and commercial markets. With offices in Truro, St Albans and Newcastle our UK-wide presence enables us to meet demand with the speed and agility of a business that places the customer at the heart of everything we do.

    Please tell us a little about your position in the company

    Operations Manager for the South East area of the business.

    What problems were you having that FieldMotion was brought in to fix?

    Kevin Gray, Operations Manager
    We were almost totally paper based, we work across the whole country so were reliant on scans and even faxes of work sheets to come back to the office. Obviously this could take weeks, and the standard of engineers hand writing varies, so the documents often weren’t that clear.

    How has FieldMotion affected your business since you’ve started using it?

    I’m sure we aren’t utilising fully yet, but already it has enhanced our business greatly. The push and pull of electronic documents, that we can create and edit as we need to was a stumbling block of numerous IT businesses that we spoke to. It has saved engineers time, and enhanced the quality of the documents we produce. It has given us a more professional look and by saving on so much paper, helps us practice the energy efficiencies that we promote.

    If you could put a number on it, how many hours/person/week have you saved by switching to FieldMotion?

    I would say it has probably saved us at least 2 full time administrators.

    Through your use of Fieldmotion, has your company seen a positive financial benefit, and if so what would that be?

    By saving on administration staff and on paper alone, we have benefited from substantial financial savings. This is without properly analysing the efficiencies we have saved on the engineers productivity.

    Do you think that FieldMotion software will help your company take on more work?

    It has certainly given the business comfort that there is a software solution available to us, and a support structure in place behind it that epitomises great customer service.

    Customer Spotlight: Superior Security

    Tell us a bit about your company

    Superior Security
    We are a security company specialising in CCTV monitored system, vehicle CCTV tracking, till fraud, intruder alarm and electric gates. We have a base in Carrickmacross Co Monaghan, and Donabate Co. Dublin with 12 engineers on the road nationwide.

    Please tell us a little about your position in the company

    I work in the accounts department, working closely with both our employees and suppliers.

    What problems were you having that FieldMotion was brought in to fix?

    Fiona Dullaghan, Director, Superior Group

    We had a number of problems with had to resolve,

    1. Knowing what job each engineer was on at any giving time,
    2. Having the on-site times correct with what the customer thought was correct
    3. Preparing wages based on times on site.

    How has FieldMotion affected your business since you’ve started using it?

    It has certainly made us more organised and prepared for all our installs.

    If you could put a number on it, how many hours/person/week have you saved by switching to FieldMotion?

    It has saved me between 6-8 hours a week by switching to fieldmotion. It has left me more time to keep up my main duties rather than spending hours trying to figure out where the engineers were for wage purposes. Fieldmotion has saved our service managers 2-3 hours per day planning the work schedule.

    Through your use of Fieldmotion, has your company seen a positive financial benefit, and if so what would that be?

    I think there has been a positive financial benefit as we are wasting less time on things that shouldn’t take long to do, also our customers have job sheets with dates & signatures confirming we were on site, so therefore there is less room to argue over invoices. Our communication level with customers has greatly increased and they appreciate that, which will help in the long term retain/gain customers.

    Do you think that FieldMotion software will help your company take on more work?

    I think it will as I have seen how our service manager has organised the work schedule so efficiently using the appointments page, he can keep customers up to date on time of arrivals. Organisation will lead to us being able to gain more work.

    The team in Fieldmotion are great, no matter how big, small or silly my question is they always have a fix. The software itself is very easy to use, and once Aodhan (customer care specialist – editor) took the time and patience to show me how to create forms, I realised how simple it is to do. It is very easy especially for someone not IT inclined. I would definitely recommend Fieldmotion to anyone to help improve their business.

    The Race For Excellence Has No Finish Line…Waste Compliance

    Regulations are there for a reason and that is that we work within the guidelines of the law. It ensures that your employees carry out best practice maintaining the high standards that you have worked so hard to maintain and have set for your business.

    For those involved in the environmental/waste sector you will all know too well that everything you do has to have an audit trail and if carefully managed your business runs better….and as a result you can sleep better at night. Nobody wants to be liable!

    Being compliant within the business creates a culture where the employee knows that you have their interest at heart and from that your productivity may increase.  Your customer can then become impressed by your company because your employees understand the rules and follow them.

    What you don’t want is regulations being violated leading to the disruption of your reputation that you have built up over many years.

    So, ensuring that you are compliant should be paramount as to how you run your company. Making sure that everything is documented and recorded correctly.  Within the waste sector, waste transfer documents are a legal requirement and should contain signatures from both parties between whom the waste is being transferred. The description of the waste should be noted along with the correct EWC Code and SIC 2007 code. The volume and how the waste is contained should be documented as well as all details to whom the waste is being transferred including their registration number.

    This is known as ‘Duty of Care’’ and how we record this has an effect on how you conduct your business. With new technology and the availability of the smartphone companies have the ability to manage this with what is known as Field service management software. This allows you to electronically schedule work directly to their handheld where they can record all information digitally. Everything, from Health & Safety reports to Waste Transfer ( WTN ) and Consignment Notes can be replicated ensuring that you have done everything to remain compliant.

    Customer Spotlight: Contract Energy Management Limited

    CEM – Contract Energy Management Limited

    Tell us a bit about your company

    CEM install and maintain commercial HVAC plant in communal plant rooms: residential blocks, offices and commercial properties.

    In addition, CEM is the only Authorised Service Partner in the UK of Alfa Laval, the leading global manufacturer of plate heat exchangers.

    Please tell us a little about your position in the company

    Steve Cullen, Sales & Marketing Manager, responsible for securing new Maintenance Contracts and Refurbishment projects. In addition, is responsible for administrating the CEM website and branding.

    Steve Cullen, Sales & Marketing Manager

    What problems were you having that FieldMotion was brought in to fix?

    CEM was operating a manual task management and reporting system that was predominantly reliant on engineers visiting the office to be allocated tasks and to deliver handwritten report sheets.

    When on site on medium term projects, this meant paperwork was received very late which affected turning around remedial quotes and delayed invoicing.

    Communicating instructions was difficult due to mobile reception issues in plant rooms and wasted administration time with callbacks.

    Handwritten report sheets, especially 3rd NCR copies, was difficult to read and had to be typed for quotes, reports and invoices.

    How has FieldMotion affected your business since you’ve started using it?

    Report sheets are available in the office the moment the task is finished. This allows CEM to be aware and turn around any remedial quotations required and verbally report to clients instantly.

    Report sheets in pdf format can be quickly emailed to clients.

    Invoices can be raised instantly, details of work done electronically copied from FM, and therefore improving cashflow.

    The office can raise tasks and allocate to engineers as they arise – the engineer can respond remotely when they have wifi reception.

    For PPM tasks, an engineer has all the tasks due that week on the system – therefore can attend when it is most efficient in terms of location and what other tasks they are allocated.

    Electronically inputting reports and taking photos to demonstrate issues, saves a lot of time on site and improves efficiency in completing remedial quotes.

    For out of hours callouts, the engineers can raise their own tasks and therefore produce report sheets against job numbers.

    All management and administration staff can view all tasks – either in the office or remotely.

    If you could put a number on it, how many hours/person/week have you saved by switching to FieldMotion?

    • For each engineer we estimate that around 4 hours a week is saved as a minimum.
    • For office staff that manage the allocation of engineering tasks, it is probably about 8 hours a week.
    • For administration staff that handle quotations and communicating with clients, about 4 hours a week saved.
    • For administration staff responsible for invoicing, about 4 hours per week.

    The above estimates must be taken in the context that the same number of staff has been able to able to manage a significant increase in work since implementing FM

    Through your use of Fieldmotion, has your company seen a positive financial benefit, and if so what would that be?

    Apart from the comments above regarding FM enabling growth in turnover with the same staffing levels, the biggest other benefit is improving cashflow by invoicing more quickly.

    Do you think that FieldMotion software will help your company take on more work?

    To increase business was a prime motivation in selecting FM. Undoubtedly FM will greatly assist and manage future expansion as it is easily scaleable.

    In our sector, the most important constraint to growth is identifying and recruiting experienced and highly qualified commercial HVAC engineers.

    The Outsourcing functionality is working well with our sister company, CEMWH, and we hope that our other partners adopt FM!

    Field Service Management news this week

    This week, we look at how FSM software increases margin in after-market field service work.

    Industry Week has written an article showing how you can use field service management software to increase your margin in after-market field service. After selling hardware, it is important that you support what you have sold. If you use FSM software for this, you reduce the cost of service, because there is less time taken in overheads such as paperwork or looking up records. Ask us for a demo.

    Travis Parigi of LiquidFrameworks named the time between work done and invoice sent the “CFO Challenge”. In field service, it can take up to 90 days in some cases to get paid, so it makes sense to get the invoice out as soon as possible. Our own customers have already commented on how shocked they were that FieldMotion allows you to send an invoice as soon as the work is done. In one case, a customer (Building Protection Services) managed to receive a call for a job, finish the job, and invoice, all within the space of 25 minutes! Would you like this same turn-around? Talk to us.

    CIO Review has an article talking about how field service management software increases overall satisfaction around your work. One of the most important key points is availability of information. With FSM, your field service workers have information about the customer, the job, and all past jobs, right at their fingertips. They also recommend partnering with a software provider that is committed to successful implementation, training and support for the system. Contact us to talk about how we do in all this!