FieldMotion 8 Launch Event

We are delighted to announce the launch of the latest iteration of our mobile workforce management platform. Help us celebrate the release of FieldMotion 8!

On November 9th 2016, we are having a launch event from 09.30am in the Newry Omniplex at the Quays Shopping Centre in Newry, Co. Down.

We’ll be giving the world a glimpse of some exciting new features we’ve added to the system in an effort to bring an even better experience to our customers worldwide.

The event will be open to all with registration starting at 9.30am and we would like to cordially invite you to attend. FIELDMOTION CEO Jim Finnegan will give an introductory talk starting at 10am, followed by a presentation of the new platform by Jerome Finnegan. The launch will be followed by refreshments and chance to catch up with other local business people.
There will also be a draw held on the day of the launch to win two amazing prizes:
First Prize: £15,000 worth of FieldMotion software for a business of your choice.
Second Prize: 3 tickets to any Man Utd home game during the 2016-2017 Season.

Read more about the event on EventBrite.

Is the paperless office a reality at last?

A leisurely organised workplace free from paper and clutter… has been nothing more than a pipe dream for overworked administrators since the eighties.

In recent years Smartphone\’s and tablets have become part of the furniture in the modern forward thinking office. In spite of this technology, offices around the country still have paper everywhere.

This would not matter if it was just a minor inconvenience; but time and money are the real cost of the endless corporate paper trails.

A recent YouGov survey revealed the size of the problem, stating that small and medium-sized enterprises waste more than £42.2 million per day searching for documents. That really is a staggering figure.

Another shocking figure is that more than 8 in 10 UK companies print documents just to get them signed. YouGov research shows that despite increasing pressure to ‘go paperless’, the vast majority of UK businesses still print documents just to get ink-based signatures:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″] “The survey amongst business leaders, which investigates British business practices regarding the use of paper, printing and signatures in the workplace, finds that 84% of UK businesses print documents just to get them signed while 62% print additional copies just for the purpose of obtaining “wet” signatures.

The issue of printing documents just to get them signed is even worse for larger organisations – 89% of medium-sized and 83% of large organisations admit to this. Printing is also greater in some specific market sectors with the worst culprits being the public sector (83%) and financial services (82%).

Almost a quarter (24%) of large organisations who print documents lose more than one day per transaction just to collect signatures, rising to 31% of large organisations.” [/quote]Source YouGov

Saving paper is important, but is now of paramount importance considering the time and money that is being wasted on unnecessary filing.

Now with Fieldmotion the digital dream can finally become a reality – it utilises the familiar smartphone and tablet and collects data onto digital versions of the forms your business is already using.

Fieldmotion can also collect photographs, digital signatures. With data being synced live from the field to your main office. All of your contracts, job sheets and proposals are stored digitally and are quickly located without the need for searching through files.

Contact us today and start saving your business time and money.

Fieldmotion – Mobile technology for mobile workers

Working Towards Paperless Office

If most businesses were asked today, do you have much paperwork? The majority would say yes, in fact we have too much paperwork. In an ideal world most businesses would like to eliminate paperwork altogether but are unsure how to implement this or how to take the first steps towards a paperless office.

Filling out paperwork for fieldworkers like sales people, engineers or in fact anybody away from the office sometimes can be a nightmare. Paperwork gets lost, forms and the information is not recorded properly and sometimes there can be discrepancies in info gathered. By the time this paperwork gets back to the office it can be a number of days later and so invoicing is slower and the information still has to be transferred to a computer or CRM system.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″] Fieldmotion can export your existing forms, so there is no need to design new forms or change the way you do business.[/quote]

Today paperwork can be a thing of the past if you use Fieldmotion. Workers can gather the information and input this on their mobile phones, using pre-designed forms.  This is then sent back to the office automatically for processing by the admin team. Appointments can be sent directly to the handheld devices,  no longer do workers have to go to the office in the morning to collect daily work schedules. Information can be collected and filled out and sent back to the office in real time and thus speeding up invoicing. Managers are now able to make decisions in real time based on the information sent back to the Fieldmotion office CRM by the field workers.

Fieldmotion can export your existing forms, so there is no need to design new forms or change the way you do business, you still record the same information only more efficiently and in real time. If you are interested in talking to us please get in touch for a free no obligation demo.

Call us now and start the paperless journey.

What Solutions Do FIELDMOTION Offer My Business?

Have you ever wondered what a Workflow Management Software system can do to help your business?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing a system. You hope that it will streamline your business. Well, you can\’t base your plan on hope alone. You must realise that your own idea of a solution may not be the same as another. This is not to say you wouldn\’t benefit in the same way. After all, a system like ours will have similar features as other Workflow Management Software systems but not all. Our main aim is to cut costs throughout your business, while increasing your workflow.

Our video explains how FIELDMOTION offers the best solutions for your business.

Brief overview of the video:

  • Job Allocation
  • Unnecessary journeys for Job Sheets
  • Wasting time in Administration
  • Late information
  • Introducing FIELDMOTION
  • What it does

FIELDMOTION – Paperless Office Solutions

There is a reason we are the leaders in Workflow Management. Request a free demonstration of our software or get in touch with one of our friendly staff members.

Mobile Technology For Mobile Workers

Do you need to save time and money for your company? Of course you do, it’s not your responsibility but you will be tasked with doing so. Imagine if all of your employees were able to fill out any type of form, job sheet, proposal etc. on their mobile device. Imagine then, they instantly send those forms back to the office. Stock ordering and company decisions are then made instantly. No more filing, no more searching for job sheets, no more pointless journeys back and forth to the office. Wouldn’t you just love that?

With FIELDMOTION’s Workflow Management Software, this is possible. As leaders in Workflow Management Software, we have developed a simple to use and easy to implement system for your mobile workers. There is no long, drawn-out process in getting started, you will be up and running in minutes. You won’t need to do paperwork in the evenings, you have done it through your mobile device from when you started the job and when you finished it.

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We all know that time is money. FIELDMOTION can save you a lot of time. You eliminate the need to travel back and forth because of paperwork. You will eradicate paperwork from your daily workflow. You can monitor all of your employees performance and much more. You already have a smartphone, why not use it?

Work Smarter, Not Harder! – FIELDMOTION

What is one of the biggest complaints with work today? Paperwork, bureaucracy and red tape.

So many jobs have repetitive tasks. They normally involve filling out the same job sheets, contracts or orders over and over again. Imagine if all that could just go away…

Well, no need to imagine that scenario any more. We can make it happen.With our workflow management software, your proposals, forms and any other paper form will be completely transformed. Our system will allow your employees to fill out their forms on their smartphone. No more cluttered filing cabinets. This dramatically cuts time spent on paperwork and also the costs associated with company paperwork.

Saving time saves money. Once you start using FIELDMOTION, you will have more of both!

FIELDMOTION can import your current forms. No need to redesign new ones. Your workers will be using the same systems they are already familiar with the exception that it\’s all on their smartphone. Explore the site and find out how FIELDMOTION can transform the way you work today.

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Ready to get ahead of the competition? – Contact one of our friendly staff members today or arrange a free demonstration of our software.

Bringing The Paperless Office One Step Closer

With the advent of computers in the workplace we were told the paperless office was just round the corner…

Decades later our offices are still full of filing cabinets, lever arch files and spreadsheet printouts.

Email on smartphones has revolutionised communication and cut postage costs dramatically. However paper forms, contracts, proposals and the like are still the order of the day. These consume hours of administration and can be a real hassle.

This is where FIELDMOTION comes in. Smartphones are capable of so much more than email these days. Our workflow management software enables workers to fill out any type of form, job sheet, proposal etc on their mobile device. Meaning they can instantly send them back to the office. This allows stock ordering and company decisions can be made instantly.

No more filing, no more searching for job sheets. No more pointless journeys to and from the office. You already have a smartphone, why not use it?

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What are you waiting for? Streamline your business and get ahead of the competition. Contact us today and we will soon have your business processes on the cutting edge of what IT can deliver. If you\’d prefer to see what our system can offer your business, arrange a free demo today!

Sign Contracts In The Field To Beat The Competition

Now, more than ever business is competitive. If you\’re not on-line, you\’ve already fallen behind the competition. However a lot of business is still done face to face, real people making real deals. People want products and services today and those who can deliver in the shortest time-frame have the edge.

Most companies that have field sales agents deal with paperwork in a roundabout way. Their agents don\’t spend much time in the office so when they close a deal they need to keep all of their information in one place. They have to take all of their contracts back to the office at the end of the day. The process does not start until the next day.

With FIELDMOTION, you can fill out all types of contracts, proposals and other forms on your mobile device. IN THE FIELD! You can instantly send them back to the office so that company decisions and orders can be made instantly.

Our workflow management software lets you sign contracts in the field. Which you can then send instantly back to the office. The paperwork for your contracts is back in the office before your sales agents have even got into their car.

Talk to one of our friendly staff members today to see how FIELDMOTION can take your business to the next level. Get ahead of the competition. Get FIELDMOTION.

Manage Mobile Workers The Easy Way

Managing a team of staff can be a challenge at the best of times. So much more difficult if they are in the field. Spending a lot of time emailing back and forth and on calls can take up a lot of your day.

Now with FIELDMOTION, you can get real-time updates on your field workers. Including current progress on appointments and jobs and their current location.

Let FIELDMOTION manage your mobile workers for you. That means you can stop chasing staff and get on with more important things.

Have peace of mind knowing where your workers are and use that information to select who is best placed to be allocated to new appointments that arise.

Receive instant notifications on the results of every sales meeting. Monitor your teams progress with full reporting. Monitor individuals weekly and monthly performance.

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Get in touch with us today to see how you can manage your workers far more effectively. You can also see our software in action with a free demo of the system.

Streamline Your Workflow

Research shows time and again that a happy workforce is a more productive workforce. Knowing this, modern forward-thinking companies make staff development and satisfaction a big part of their ethos.

One major de-motivator for today’s staff is having mountains of paperwork and mundane administrative tasks to repeat over and over again. A far-cry from a streamline system. It may have its benefits in the old way of doing business but in order to get the most out of your business, you have to get with the times. You can’t be doing everything you were doing when you started off 10 or 20 years ago. You need to embrace mobile technology and many other technologies to maximise profit and revenue to properly streamline your workflow.

As businesses are increasing their customer base, they are increasing their workflow. That means there is an increase in paperwork, more filing cabinets etc. which leads to the need to bring in more staff to handle the workload. This is natural progression and a welcoming sight to anyone who owns a company. More money coming in. The downside? More money going out. What if you implemented a software system that means you don’t need to hire another staff member to deal with the workload, buy more filing cabinets etc?

FIELDMOTION enables your staff to fill in job sheets, reports and proposals, quickly and easily on their smartphone. All the data is available instantly at the office for review or order processing. Now that’s a streamline system!


FIELDMOTION will streamline your business processes and give you the edge over the competition. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff members today with any questions you may have. If you would like to see our system in action you can arrange a free demonstration today!