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CompAir Compressed Air Solutions
CompAir is a leading global supplier providing best performance compressed air solutions for a broad range of applications. With 1,750 employees and an extensive network of over with dedicated sales companies and distributors across all continents, CompAir offers global expertise with truly local service capability, ensuring the advanced technologies are backed up with full support.

Before using Fieldmotion

Before Fieldmotion we used to rely heavily on paperwork, which all had to be scanned manually and uploaded to our system. A section of our warehouse had to be re-purposed for the storing of all the physical paperwork for different locations over the whole of South Africa between 5 branches. Time that could be spent productively for both admin and engineers was taken up by managing paperwork.


After using Fieldmotion

After implementing Fieldmotion our customers are thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism we output, our documentation handling has massively improved and efficiency between our technicians increasing their productivity by 100%. We immediately saw a return on investment after generating our first report and emailing it to the customer. The best part of the whole Fieldmotion system is the ease of use, we would highly recommend Fieldmotion to anyone



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