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16 Jan 2015

Did you wake up to snow this morning?

in Technical Blog by Kae Verens
As Ruairi McSorley would say "Sure you wouldn\'t be long getting frost bit!". When the bad weather conditions strike, everything comes to a stand still. Schools close, bus operations are cancelled and most importantly workers are unable to travel to their place of work. This proves to be very inconvenient for not only the employees themselves but on businesses. Everything is delayed and work can\'t get done! With FIELDMOTION\'s workflow management software, your employees can work from home. They are able to gain access to all information even when they are away from the office! Designed for employees on the road, FIELDMOTION will allow employees to complete all types of job forms from their mobile devices. They are able to capture signatures within the software and also take photographs, allowing your workers to send information immediately back to the office. All of your information will be stored in a filing cabinet, you\'ll be happy to know! Don\'t worry, this filing cabinet doesn\'t require you to tirelessly search records for one lousy bit of info or separate December and February\'s files and folders to put a piece of January back in it\'s place. Information is stored in one easy to access CRM system. Employers will no longer feel the pressure of severe weather conditions hitting parts of the country as our software will allow business to continue as normal! The easy to use software is completely user friendly and caters for all industries. See a FREE demo of the system today or sign up NOW