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28 Aug 2018

Digitizing your paperwork

Digitizing Your HVAC Paperwork

As more and more Field Service Management companies are moving away from paper and embracing technology to increase their business efficiency, make significant savings, provide a better customer service and keep a competitive edge. We look at how one company reduced their development overheads by 100%, allowing them to be in control of their own digitized forms and create all their personalized digital paperwork for free.

Previously development costs were always a consideration for Montgomey, an expense that was deemed necessary in order for them to create new Health and Safety checks and personalized job sheets to keep up with bespoke needs of certain customers.

Development costs and flexibility are always a priority for Montgomey and after reviewing Fieldmotion and the tools Fieldmotion give you, it was a quick decision. A decision that has allowed Montgomey to create all their own personalized paperwork, health and safety checklists and bespoke client paperwork for free.

Fieldmotion provided Montgomery with the training and the tools to allow them to create all their own digitized paperwork, this way they can forget about development costs and with the flexibility of the tools, they can create what they want, when they want.

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