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Exporting completed jobs through FTP

Exporting completed jobs through FTP

A third-party water management company that sends out jobs to a few of our clients wanted to receive the completed job information back in XML format sent through FTP. It made sense to us to automate the process in order to save our clients a little more time and effort.

Instead of writing something specifically for that third-party company, though, we wrote a general exporter that can be configured to send in a few formats, using a few connection methods.
This means that we can supply the job information in CSV format, for example, or XLS, XML, JSON. Whatever the recipient needs. Our client just needs to configure the connection methods in their field service management software (usernames, passwords, etc) and the format the end file should be given in.
This extends our workflow management software capabilities so that we can be part of other companies’ automated workflows as well – they send information from their workflow software which we import automatically, our clients do the work, and the completed data is sent back to the sending company automatically. In this way, we cut down on time and potential mistakes, because the jobs that the client’s field workers do is precisely, down to the letter, what the recipient company has asked for. No more 15 minute phone calls describing a job, no more misheard details or typos.

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