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Appointments, or jobs, are the single most important feature of all field service management systems. They tell the field worker what they're working on.

Jobs can be created on the mobile device, in the office on the CRM, or through methods such as importing via email, through API calls integrating with your in-house software, or from any of 750+ other applications via Zapier.

A job is created using a "form", which is a template of questions and question types that your field worker fills in. Question types include noteboxes, photographs, signatures, and all sorts of others. You can input data using voice recognition, barcode scanning, or automatically based on linked data types such as assets or customers.

When an job is finished, automated "on complete" logic can be used to create further jobs for the user or other users, based on values entered into the job.

We track times and locations when jobs are started or finished, to allow you to record distance traveled and calculate financial costs, etc.

Reports are generated from the job data and automatically sent to the client as soon as the job is marked complete, saving your administrator from needing to enter the data all over again.

We can also calculate costs of the job based on stock used, vehicle usage, and field worker salary, to let you cost your jobs and invoice quickly and correctly.

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