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With FieldMotion, costs are calculated automatically and invoice generated within moments of the job being completed. You can send it off to the customer immediately, or check the numbers and edit any that you need to change.

We can automatically calculate the cost of travel, cost of doing the job itself, cost of the stock used.

Invoices are converted to PDFs, using your own invoice templates, so the invoice will look just like your own usual ones.

We integrate directly with Xero, can integrate through Zapier to Quickbooks, and can also integrate via 3rd-party software with Sage.

Some quotes from our customers about invoice usage in FieldMotion:

[...] we measured from receiving a call - job to engineer- job completed- job invoiced took 25 mins in total - never known before within our company. [...] Andrew Craig, BPS NI, reviewing on Capterra website
[...]Our invoices can be generated as soon as the call is completed and revisits can be auctioned immediately. Altogether a much improved process.[...] Susan Cope, Managing Director, Acrivarn
[...]We can invoice customers on a daily basis instead of weekly and worksheets can be sent direct to the customer when the engineers have completed the job. Not only is this helping our business but our customers are more satisfied.[...] Amanda, Dental Decontamination
[...]When we are out on site we can fill in the job details on our mobile phones and the invoice and certificate can be emailed to the customer immediately meaning we get paid quicker.[...] Kevin Smith, Managing Director, Associated Fire Protection

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