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All data in FieldMotion is real-time. This means that the information you are looking at in any job or report is always uptodate, and recalculated as your field workers upload new data.

Some apps require that the field worker synchronise their app data at the end of each day, so when you in the office are looking at reports, there is a risk that your data could be stale, off by up to 8 hours. Or even more, if your workers forget to synchronise.

With FieldMotion, though, the app is synchronised constantly, with data uploaded into your database as soon as it changes. If a customer signs off on an job, for example, you have their signature back in the office within seconds

This has a tremendous effect on some companies, who have traditionally relied on the worker returning their data to the office in order for it to then be recompiled manually into a report and invoices to be sent to the customer. Without using FieldMotion, it is uual for customers to be invoices days after the work was done. With FieldMotion, you can invoice the customer within minutes of the work finishing, with reports completed, signatures gathered, and costs automatically figured out.

In the words of one of our customers:

[...] we measured from receiving a call - job to engineer- job completed- job invoiced took 25 mins in total - never known before within our company. [...] Andrew Craig, BPS NI, reviewing on Capterra website

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