Field Management

When your workers are out in the field, management can be very difficult. You don't always know how a job is going, paperwork can be days or weeks late and in some cases missing or covered in coffee or oil stains.

Our field management software is designed to get around this problem by digitising the forms the user needs to fill in, and by allocating tasks to the workers over the Internet.

With our system, you will know exactly when a job is competed, and will have a copy of the completed forms, including photographs and signatures, as soon as the job is done. In the words of one of our clients:

"the best was when we measured from receiving a call - job to engineer- job completed- job invoiced took 25 mins in total - never known before within our company!" - Andrew Craig, Business Protection Services NI (more testimonials)

FieldMotion automates the tasks that you would have previously spent hours each day doing by hand:

These are just some details on how FieldMotion can help ease your field management problems. We haven't even mentioned the hundreds of features that we have which make your jobs easier in other ways. If you're interested, please request a demo.