Field Management System

The Fieldmotion field management system is designed to let you organise your field worker tasks easily and efficiently from the office. You will know at all times what your workers are doing, and as soon as they finish their tasks, their reports are sent back to the office, ready for you to invoice your clients immediately.

As a field service company, you know the pain of sending workers out into the field and not knowing how the job is oing on until they get back to the office; sometimes with their forms partially incomplete, missing, or needing to be rewritten from hand-writing to typed copy.

With Fieldmotion's field management system, your workers fill out their paperwork on their mobile device, including photographs and signatures. The information is sent back to the office as soon as it is filled in, and reports are automatically gnerated and ready to send to your clients as soon as the worker marks the task Complete.

You no longer need to phone your workers or allocate the jobs face-to-face, saving time. They no longer need to come into the office with their paperwork. The amount of hours saved in just that alone can add up to an extra task or two every day per worker.

Our software lets you define what tasks workers need to complete, where and when they need to go, and you can visualise whole teams of workers in many ways, using calendars, timelines, or plain data if you wish.

The forms that your workers fill out once on the job are completely customisable. Whatever information you need your workers to fill in, you are free to define in your forms.

Our field management system can give you complete control over every person right down to the smallest detail. Or, you can use our dynamic scheduler, which can allocate jobs to the correct people, taking into account what type of tasks are to be done, GPS coordinates of the clients, location of the worker at the time of the job, distance travel and speed of vehicle needed, etc. We can automate scheduling work in seconds that would take an administration staff hours to complete.

If you're interested, please request a demo.