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17 Jan 2019

Field service management company problems

in Service Management News by Kae Verens

After providing field service management software to companies for over 6 years, we’ve came across A LOT of issues that seem to be a reoccurring theme, regardless of industry. We take a look at the top issues that stick out in our mind and we provide you with the information to solve them!

1. Providing information in real time

When you have field workers in different areas that may constantly be moving from job to job, getting information immediately can be troublesome. If issues arise while at a job, it may take a few hours before the issue is raised back at the head office and may take another hour before the issue is resolved. If appointments change, the field worker needs to know instantly otherwise time will be wasted, which could have been spent more productively.

The solution for this is to provide a system that your field worker can check, while out and about. Any updates are immediately added and the particular field worker is informed that their schedule has changed etc. Time that is spent productively can and will have an extremely positive outcome for your business.

2. Late invoicing

This can be a major issue for businesses, late invoicing if not addressed and resolved, can have a detrimental effect on how a business may perform that year. When your field workers have completed various jobs, it may take a week before they have arrived back at the head office to provide the job sheet and work order so that you can invoice the client, then it may take another week (hopefully) before the client has paid. This long arduous process can cause issues further down the line for many businesses.

The solution to this is simple, once the job has been completed, the head office should instantly have the completed paperwork in order to invoice and from that an invoice can be sent to the client in under a minute. All without having to make the field worker come back to the head office with the physical paperwork. This would remove late invoicing entirely and at the same time the field worker would be free to move onto the next job.

3. Keeping track of all paperwork

Paperwork is an outdated method of information storing. This can be anything from scraps of paper with important information on them, such as parts to be ordered to triplicate books which can be easily lost and are quite costly. These important bits of information are the difference between your business delivering a high quality service and issues cropping up later on due to mismanaged paperwork. On top of all this paperwork presents a less professional service as opposed to a digital alternative.

The solution for this is to ditch the paperwork. Everything needs to be in one place, information from years ago can be accessed at the click of a button, work orders, invoices, parts used etc. All of this is available 24/7 while at the same time taking up zero physical space in the office. Any disputes that may occur can easily be rectified within seconds as there is a complete documented work history.

A Field Service Management Software solution is the answer.
If you want to see how Fieldmotion can completely streamline you operations, offer you the solution to these 3 most common issues and a whole lot more, contact us!