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5 Jun 2017

FieldMotion as a workflow management system

in Technical Blog by Kae Verens
Earlier today, I wrote about Zapier integration with FieldMotion, to make sure that when a customer is created in FieldMotion, it is also created in ...whatever you're connecting it to (Zapier has literally thousands of end-points) Integrating your FieldMotion account with outside applications is just one more example of why ours is one of the most powerful workflow software systems on the market. When filling in forms on the app, we have "skip logic", which allows the engineer to only see the form parts that are relevant to the task at hand. Just because they're paperless mobile forms doesn't mean you should feel free to waste "paper"... We also have calculations, "source" fields (such as fields that fill in with pre-recorded data from assets, etc), and other powerful ways to automate the content of the form so you have less work to do. Once your digital forms are completed, we have a robust and powerful "on complete" engine, which can send emails or set up new appointments based on the values in the forms. When the end report is being created, we have some more tricks up our sleeve. We can set up reports so that they only show the parts that are needed. For example, if a fire and security inspection form involved checking three extinguishers, then you will have three extinguisher report sections in your service management software form. No need to show empty report parts! If you want to see what all the fuss is about, and how we can automate your workflow management, please book a demo with us.