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Fieldmotion Referral Program

Refer a business and win a reward!

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All Fieldmotion customers can now gain a bonus via the Referral Program. That’s an extra way for you to earn money of your next bill, just for referring a business to Fieldmotion.

If you know a business who will benefit from the Fieldmotion system, why not refer them? – Contact us now!

Refer another business to us and we’ll give you back the first month’s license fee as a reward.

How does it work?

To receive your bonus, please see below:

  1. Tell a business about Fieldmotion and how the system works for you. When you do, make sure and tell us about the company and the contact within the company so we can process the referral.
  2. The business will then receive a personalised demo.
  3. Once the business has signed into a 36 month agreement you will then receive your reward within the next 28 days.