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10 Dec 2018

How Field Service Management Software Can Help Santa

in Service Management News by Kae Verens

According to I Spot Santa, Santa has:

1,225 Elves that make toys, tend to his reindeer and maintain Lapland all year round, and delivers: 526,041,115 presents every year! That’s A LOT of work and scheduling to be done every year!

How could Santa use field service management software?

With all that work and all the deliveries, scheduling and workflow would be extremely helpful at allowing Santa and the Elves to save time!

1. Job scheduling

Job scheduling would allow Santa to effectively plan and schedule what needs to be done and when. Being able to do this on a annual basis would free up a hugely significant amount of time, allowing Santa to double check his list for who’s naughty and who’s nice!

2. Stock / Inventory & Asset management

This would be a massive time saver, it would allow Santa to see who is getting what toys, is he running low on any other toys and what toys need to be made. It would also allow Santa to see what materials are needed to maintain his sleigh (asset) and Lapland, while at the same time assigning these jobs to various elves.

3. Complete archived delivery (service) history

Being able to see previous notes associated with various houses would be extremely useful! Of all the houses in the world that Santa visits once a year, it would be hard to remember specific details about each one. If Santa was able to quickly view notes he made last year about a house (e.g. friendly Labrador sleeps in the living room) he would be prepared for various scenarios with each house!


Here at Fieldmotion we definitely think that field service management software could help Santa but then again, Santa is magic so he might not need it!