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15 Jan 2019

How to provide a great customer service in 2019

in Service Management News by Kae Verens

With the New Year, we have noticed that more and more service management companies are starting to focus internally, in order to provide a better experience for their customers and in turn, increase their customer retention.

We thought it would be helpful to provide you with a short guide on how to provide a great customer service experience for the Service Management sector (HVAC, Fire and Security, Plumbing, etc.). Building a strong relationship with your customers has so many benefits that we would have to write another entirely new blog post about it!

So without further hesitation, let’s get into the short guide:

1. Information / Customer Portal

Depending on what the customer wants to know, they should be able to have access to it themselves. With the rise of more service management companies than ever before, more and more companies are adopting the approach of a customer portal. A portal would allow the customer to see FAQ’s, download specific documents and especially log and track all their interactions with the business.

A complete service history allows both the customer and the business to see all interactions and minimize the potential of any disputes. With Fieldmotion, this Customer Portal comes as standard and we also offer the option to place it on your personal website, so there’s one extra step of convenience, for not only you but your customer too!

Your personal customer portal, example:

JBF-Customer-Portal Example

2. Provide A Quality Service/Product

This one is sort of self explanatory but by providing your customers with a high quality service/product you are fulfilling their expectations and building a relationship of trust between both of you. By providing this, you will gain loyal customers very quickly who will continue to use your services and in turn recommend your product/service.

3. Customer Service Is A New Marketing Channel

With more and more interactions taking place between businesses and customers online, customer interaction has became a new channel of marketing. Businesses that provide a positive interaction between themselves and their customers online, not only make customers happy but provide potential customers a glimpse at how a company treats their customers and in turn can end up winning you more business.

4. Be Proactive

Checking in with your customers as part of a quality guarantee will show your customers that you stand by your services and that you value them as a customer. A simple phone call or email once every 3/4 months is enough to show your customers that you are there, it may also help you win more businesses in the future.

5. Ask For Feedback

By providing your customers with a platform to provide feedback, you can find out exactly what they think. This will help you to look at various areas within your business which may have been overlooked and provide you with an opportunity to improve.


If you would be interested in seeing our Customer Portal in action, just get in contact today and we’ll be able to schedule a demo around you!

We hope this short guide can help you provide a better customer service in 2019!