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5 Dec 2018

How to retain business and increase new jobs in 2019

in Service Management News by Kae Verens

With 2019 just around the corner, we look at what improvements you can adopt in the new year to retain business and increase jobs!

Being organized

A business that is organized is more likely to retain customers and in turn gain more business through referrals. Being organized, in terms of jobs, notes, task, stock, assets etc, allows a business to provide a quality service with no unorganized mistakes while at the same time present their business as a professional business.

Transparency and honesty

Being transparent and honest in business allows your business to be more open, allowing your customers to see that you are a trustworthy and professional brand, something which your customers can connect to and support. Providing your customers with a complete job and invoice history would allow your customers to see everything that that has been done previously and anything that may be upcoming, such as servicing etc.

Customer support

Customer support, be it providing on going support to clients, with up to date notes regarding previous issues and conversations, all contained within a CRM is essential to creating a great customer-brand connection. The difference between good and bad customer support is customer retention. Happy customers provide new leads for your business, unhappy customers will be quick to leave your business for a more customer focused alternative.

Efficient service

A company providing a top quality efficient service will make customers recommend their service to potential customers. When customers are happy about a product or service they will usually let other potential customers know this. The more customers that are happy with your service, the more that clients will want to purchase from you due to your continued customer satisfaction.