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31 Jan 2019

Intelligent Scheduling Software

in Service Management News by Kae Verens

Businesses with field workers working remotely usually have to rely on various methods to schedule and plan all their engineers/technicians schedules for the working week. This has to be done once a week, every week and can sometimes be a long and time consuming process.

What is Intelligent Scheduling Software

Intelligent scheduling software allows your business to schedule your engineers/technicians based on various factors, such as availability, resources, location etc. The software considerably reduces time spent on administration within the office and ensures that engineers/technicians arrive to various jobs with no extra time being wasted, in turn, improving a business’s service that is provided to the customer.

Sounds interesting, will this help me reduce the amount of time I spend on scheduling every week?

Yes, absolutely!
We often say that paper is quickly becoming a redundant method of information gathering due to the time it takes to collate all that information together and then start making decisions based on that information, such as scheduling, reporting, time tracking etc. Scheduling software is not just limited to larger teams because managing a large team or small team both present the same problems.

I am looking to grow my business, would this software help me?

As your business grows, it takes more and more administration hours to keep on top of not only scheduling but stock, vehicle management, reactive work and much more! With intelligent scheduling software you can keep your expenses low by not having to hire more and more administration staff, allowing your revenue to grow.

Ok, I think I have read enough, is there anywhere I can see this scheduling software in action?

Watch Fieldmotion in action in our webinar
Or book a free demo at your time and choosing to see the system with your paperwork and workflow, so you can see how you would use it!

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We hope this has given you a short introduction to what intelligent scheduling software can do for your business in 2019!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!