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5 Jul 2018

July Tips & Tricks

July Fieldmotion Update

As our customer base grows at a fast rate, we are investing heavily in our development in order to stay ahead of the game. To coincide with the launch of our brand new website we feel the need to enhance the Fieldmotion end-user experience. Therefore we are launching our monthly Tips & Tricks section. If you have any suggestions, please let us know via our ticket system.

New Features:

Job Costing

The job costing tab will give you a financial break down of each job. It will allow you to see how much time the employee has spent on the job, labour costs,  stock used and mileage covered. The filter option will allow you to filter by job ID, employee and job type, this can give you a breakdown on each employee to see how profitable they are.

Contracts tab will allow you to monitor each job complete for each particular contract, again it will give you a financial breakdown. Therefore you will be able to see if you are making a profit or loss against each contract.

Fieldmotion Update

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Timeline View

The timeline section will give you a breakdown of each job hour by hour. The filter section will allow you to see where each employee will be at certain times.  We operate a traffic light system to make it easier to see the status of each job:

Red: Job Overdue

Yellow: On Route

Purple: In Progress

Orange: Incomplete:

Dark Green: Complete

Light Green: Processed

Grey: Pending

Fieldmotion Update

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Radio Button

Radio buttons make it easier for APP users to fill out forms out on the field.

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Tips & Tricks

Set Up Recurring Jobs?

Recurring jobs can be used to manage jobs all planned/scheduled jobs i.e PPM. This will ensure no work is missed. For example, you can set a recurring job for every 3 months,  so in 3 months time the job will flag up and all you need to do is allocate it to an employee or you can automatically select the employee when initially creating the recurring job.

In order to give the new engineer a information about previous jobs, you can set recurring job notes (see below).

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Set Recurring Job Notes

Recurring jobs notes can be very useful when completing scheduled work. These notes can act as special instructions relating to that specific chain of jobs, and will appear anytime that recurrence is scheduled – saving administration time is having to add them to a job, and the field operative time as they won’t have to chase job information.

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Restrict Job Selection

The administration staff can restrict job selection for APP users, this will ensure that the employee has to complete the earliest job first. This will only allow employees to fill in one job, therefore it can stop them filling notes/forms for the wrong job.

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All Fieldmotion customers can now gain a bonus via the Referral Program. That’s an extra way for you to earn money of your next bill, just for referring a business to Fieldmotion.