Managing Workflow

When a team starts growing and the tasks start getting complicated, it can be difficult organising tasks efficiently so that they go to the right person at the right time, and so that some jobs don't stall because an admin lost track of where in the project they were.

This can be even more complicated when tasks are not completely predictable. What if you complete one section, and during the work, you discover something that makes a large change in who should do the next part, or even what the next part is? Traditionally, this would mean long reports and meetings where workers will help keep managers up to date with how projects are going so they can make educated decisions on what happens next.

Our field management software helps you with managing your workflow by automating what happens upon completion of each part of a project.

With our system, the workflow can be automated so that there is much less administration needed.

Some examples of workflow we have automated:

Workflows can be "chained", such that each task can lead to one or more other task types, which can lead onwards to further ones depending on how the project is going. This allows you to manage any imaginable project.

If you'd like to talk to us about our workflow management system, please request a demo.