Paperless Mobile Forms

One of the biggest problems in field service management is the management of the forms.

When a worker goes out into the field to do a job, they need to fill in reports. This is usually done by either keeping a detailed diary, or by filling in a prescribed form. In either case, the hand-written form then needs to be sent back to the office in order for it to be transcribed into a form that can then then be used to generate a report for the client to receive.

There are a number of time-wasting parts to this:

To save the time wasted in this manner, we created forms software that lets your workers fill in their data directly into their mobile device. The data is sent back immediately to the office, or as soon as the worker is in a networked area.

Because everythig is computerised, we can then generate reports completely automatically, and have invoices sent out to the client even before the worker has left the client's buildings!

FieldMotion lets you create any kind of form that you want. You can answer the questions usng text, potographs, or signatures. You can even read barcodes if you use them, or use voice recognition to fill in notes.

With FieldMotion's paperless mobile forms, you no longer need to worry about missing forms, hard-to-read notes, or late invoicing. It's all taken care of!

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