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1 Jun 2017

PAS 79

in Technical Blog by Kae Verens
We've recently been working with fire safety inspectors to help reduce their workload. One of the early adopters of our field service management software was HSP (Health and Safety Professionals), of Belfast, who were kind enough to work with us (the best uk field service software on the market)the to help them reduce their amount of time they were spending writing up their reports. When a fire and safety inspector does the job, the copious notes taken turn into an even longer form, which can look different depending on what was discovered at the scene. For example, if the premises does not use gas canisters in their work, then there is no need to include gas safety checks in the end report. One very common standard form in this industry is the PAS 79, created by the UK's national standards group, BSI. When the engineers at HSP were finished taking their notes, they would go back to the office or home, where they would spend the next few hours converting their notes into a report. We were told that very frequently, this would involve typing and editing well into the evenings! After working with HSP, we developed a form which the inspectors can fill out on-site in their field service software. As soon as they are done (within seconds of them marking complete), the service management software prepares the end report, which is ready for printing or sending to the client within seconds. No more late evenings slaving away! If you feel like your fire and safety inspection work is sapping time from your life that you would prefer to spend elsewhere, then please contact us to ask for a demo of our field service engineer software.