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20 Oct 2015

Make Real-Time Decisions

in Technical Blog by Kae Verens
It\'s never been easier to make important business decisions with our Workflow Management Software. We have developed a system that allows your mobile workers to send information to the office in real-time. Make Real Time Decisions

What do you mean Real-Time?

Exactly that, if you have workers in the field and they need a risk assessment, job sheet or proposal sent to the office for processing, the process can begin in real-time. Your office worker has received the necessary paperwork they would need as standard on the office database. When they have taken care of the processes on their end they can send information straight back to the guys in the field: Instant Invoicing With instant invoicing, when you have completed a job and the necessary paperwork has been sent, you are able to invoice your customer instantly. Customer Alerts and Updates Your customers will be notified when a job has been completed and are able to view completed jobs on their mobile device as soon as a job is completed. Real-Time Information From Site Job sheets, risk assessments, proposals, contracts etc. can be sent to the office and to the guys in the field at the ouch of a button. Employee/Vehicle Location GPS tracking is enabled so you know exactly where your workers are to assign jobs that are better suited to their locations. Job Completion As soon as a job is completed, it is instantly sent back to the office and ready for the next stage of processing, which is normally the invoicing stage. [divider scroll_text=""] It really has never been easier to make important decisions within your business. What\'s more, you can do it faster than ever before. Talk to one of our experts today to find out more about how our system will change how you do business. You can request a free demonstration of the system if you\'d like to see it in action. Expert-solutionFree-demo-solution