Reduced Administration

FieldMotion reduces your administration by cutting down on the data entry and workflow administration required to run a smooth business.

Data Entry

Working in a service industry, for example, involves documenting findings and repairs, taking before and after photos, etc. These documents and photos then need to be compiled back in the office, and sometimes completely rewritten, by office workers that were not out in the field with you, so they must call you up whenever some information is missing or vague. Sound familiar?

With FieldMotion, the double-jobbing this involves is taken away completely. Your engineers fill in their findings directly on a mobile device (a phone or tablet), and take photos with the same device. There is no paper to fill in. The data is sent back to the office as soon as a network is available, and the data-entry people back in the office can get on with their other work instead.


Once a job is done, the next step needs to be decided. Most entry-level engineers will feel out-of-their-depth deciding for themselves what they need to do next. But, in a lot of cases, the next job can be decided based on data filled in during their previous work.

For example, a health-check form is created which a nurse fills in while making house visits. Based on the data filled in (blood pressure, general health, etc), a visit by a doctor may be indicated, or the nurse may be booked to come back in six or twelve months.

Or, you are part of an inspection team that analyses the walls of a water mains pipe that is under pressure. Based on your findings (thickness of wall at various points, thickness of deposits on inner wall, etc), you need to decide whether a repair is needed, or whether the pipe needs to be reinspected in six or twelve months.

FieldMotion lets you create this kind of logic-based workflow, which cuts down the administration needed. You no longer have to bring your findings back to the office for a person to read, absorb, and make recommendations that really could be done based purely on the data.


Our customers usually have a common complaint - the time between doing a job and getting paid for that job. In a large part, this is because of the time it takes to receive all documentation from the field workers, prepare reports, and write invoices.

With FieldMotion, invoicing is easy - the field worker taps in what stock they used or what services they performed, the hours of the job are recorded and calculated automatically, even the travel time is recorded and calculated. An invoice can be created literally within minutes of the engineer finishing the job, with reports completed and all prices calculated.

Once an invoice is created, it can be modified if required before sending.

Also, we integrate with Xero directly, and with other systems through Zapier.

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