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Field Worker Costs

Number of field workers
Hourly salary of field workers ()
Hours per day collecting jobsheets (per worker)
Hours per day handing in jobsheets (per worker)
Miles/Kms per day delivering jobsheets (per worker)

Office Clerk Costs

Number of data entry clerks
Hourly salary of data entry clerks ()
Hours per day performing data entry (per clerk)
Hours per day clarifying data with field workers (per clerk)

Business Operation Costs

Monthly cost of paper ()
Monthly cost of triplicate jobsheets ()
Number of vehicles
Vehicle cost per Mile/Km ()

Cost Analysis (per year)

Collecting jobsheets from office
Delivery of jobsheets to the office
Mileage costs
Data entry & processing
Form data clarification
Paper costs
Triplicate jobsheet costs

fieldmotion cost (per year)

Number of licenses
Contract Type
1 year of licenses at each

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