Davcon Warehouse Machinery

Davcon Warehouse Machinery has over 40 years experience in supplying Materials Handling Equipment to Irish Industry. Davcon is the preferred supplier to many of the largest Logistics, Pharma and Food companies in the country. They are also the main dealer for the Magaziner range of Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts in Ireland and the UK.

Before using Fieldmotion

In the past, getting completed dockets/reports back to the office for invoicing was slow. Davcon were dependent on finding a time in the engineer’s schedule to return paperwork, which had a knock-on effect on a number of things: slower getting invoices out, slower to pick up follow-up work on machines, not always having the information to hand if a customer had a query.

Before they started using Fieldmotion, Davcon were concerned that implementation of the new system would be slow and customer information might be lost.

After using Fieldmotion

The system is extremely user friendly and the support from the Fieldmotion office is excellent. The onboarding experience involved the usual minor teething issues you would expect when implementing a new system, but help was always on the other end of the phone and any small issues identified at the start were either immediately corrected in real time, or where necessary, additional training support was provided to both office staff and engineers on the road.

The new system will email a copy of the completed report direct to the accounts department for processing and equally alerts the service department of any follow-up required. Furthermore, their customer now instantly gets a copy sent to their email and a copy is available to the back office online going forward. This helps to improve the service Davcon offer their customers through limiting downtime and alerting them to potential health and safety issues on their machinery in a much more timely manner.


reduction in
paper reporting
reduction in
administration hours

Impact of Using Fieldmotion

I believe any other company in the service industry would see a benefit from this system. It is quite straightforward to use, it could be adapted to any scenario where a docket/report needs to be completed and signed.
Eoin Horan, Service and Technical Manager