Heyn Engineering Solutions

Heyn Engineering Solutions offers a comprehensive range of materials handling solutions to leading industrial, manufacturing and warehousing sectors in the UK and Ireland. A complete service is provided from assessment and design to the installation, testing, training and maintenance of all solutions.

Before using Fieldmotion

“Fieldmotion was implemented to eradicate the need for triplicate work books for jobs being completed by engineers on site. Naturally it took some time to have these copies returned to the office, copies could get lost or writing was unclear. This increased time taken for parts ordering, diary management and then in turn impacted upon invoicing and debtor days.”

After using Fieldmotion

“Fieldmotion has helped to transform our processes in both our Fork Truck and Engineering divisions. It has provided a platform to coordinate our engineers and receive real-time feedback on each of their jobs. This has improved our processes for parts provision, diary management, it has helped to speed up invoicing and improve on the number of days it takes for customers to pay. Fieldmotion has proven to be imperative to the smooth running of some of our large contracts in our Engineering division as well.

Fieldmotion has saved us approximately 15 mins per item, equating to 300 hours per month on average in terms of administration of this contract. It runs smoothly and effectively with no issues and only one focused administration employee.

Fieldmotion has already allowed us to implement a recent large contract with NI Water smoothly and effectively and has been vital in allowing our administration staff working on this contract to provide reports within the timeframes outlined in the contract. I have no doubt that Fieldmotion will continue to become an integral part of Heyn Engineering processes and will help us to provide added value to our current customer base and also attract new business.”


reduction in
administration hours
reduction in
paper reporting

Impact of Using Fieldmotion

We have used Fieldmotion for some key contracts and have found the system flexible, easy to use and reliable. Any issue is resolved within hours and Jerome has been great at helping our company to use Fieldmotion in a number of different ways and providing demo’s to potential clients. Fieldmotion is a core business tool across two of our four divisions and we are working to utilize more of it’s ever expanding capabilities. The service provided is second to none and I’d have no issues recommending the company or product to anyone.
Kim Chalmers