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30 Jan 2015

TFMI Friday (Thank FIELDMOTION it\'s Friday)

in Technical Blog by Kae Verens
Paperwork-Fieldmotion-Weekend-Stress Meeting with friends, watching your favourite TV shows or even playing some sport. These are the things we look forward to during the week. Nobody wants to spend their weekend catching up on paperwork. January is gloomy enough without having to do paperwork over the weekend. It’s a great feeling switching off your computer on a Friday evening knowing you can enjoy your weekend how you please! Get that Friday feeling like our FIELDMOTION team. Simply call today and see how our FIELDMOTION workflow management software can manage your paperwork. Our easy to use software allows access to all information even when you are away from the office. Our FIELDMOTION mobile app is completely user friendly, allowing all types of job forms to be received and completed on mobile devices. Including taking photographs and capturing signatures, all information is sent back to the office in real-time for key business decisions to be made. Embrace digital forms and implement a paperless office! A paperless office will improve productivity for your business. All data is stored in an easy to access CRM system.  This will speed up daily tasks such as invoicing, stock management, monitoring employees’ workflow and help your business become more efficient. View our saving calculator to see just how much you could save here Using our Workflow Management Software will save you time and money. But the best thing of all, NO MORE PAPERWORK! Get FIELDMOTION\'s workflow management software today and enjoy your weekend. Visit to sign up NOW!