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9 Jul 2018

The Business Benefits of Going Paperless

in Service Management News by Kae Verens

The Business Benefits of Going Paperless

Why should our business go paperless?

If your business is considering going paperless, there is no better time than now!

We have always done things this way, there is no need to change” How many times have you heard this?
Although this statement may be true, it is usually not an efficient option. Over the countless years we have noticed that valuable time and essentially, money, has been wasted, keeping these outdated and inefficient practices in place. Valuable time and money that could be invested in other areas, freeing up your employees so that more jobs can be completed and at the same time, allow management to focus on business expansion and other opportunities. This is where Field Service Management software can help.

If you are still undecided as to how going paperless with Field Service Management software can help your business, we have listed some key points:

Reduced business costs:

For years businesses have relied on paper worksheets/job sheets/ triplicate books etc to keep a record of work completed. This single bit of paper is the deciding factor for your business getting paid. If this is handed in late, you may not get paid for your work until the following week or worst case scenario, until the following month. This can cause a lot of pressure on smaller businesses, not to mention that all this paper has to be bought/printed, which incurs more costs.

Now imagine that this paper is digitized, once your job has been completed, it is already back at the office within a matter of seconds. This means that your engineer/technician has a record, your administration department has a record, your management has a record and your customer has a record of the work that was carried out. In a matter of seconds you can invoice for the work completed. No more printing or waiting for the paper to come back to the office to invoice. You have already saved your business time and money with Field Service Management Software.

Business Efficiency:

Paper is slow, old and inefficient. Getting paperwork back to the office can be a long and frustrating process for many business owners, especially if this paperwork gets lost, the ramifications of this can be lengthy, from a failure to meet your customers expectations to potentially being involved in a legal dispute due to privacy related issues.

Digitizing your paperwork allows your business to streamline your entire workflow, this allows you to see how efficient each part of your business is and how to improve these sectors. Field service management software will not change what is in your job sheets but will change how you complete and manage them. Allowing you to see how your business performs is essential for management, costly mistakes may be constantly missed due to an inaccurate overview of your business. Data analysis is key for business efficiency and being able to see the whole process from job scheduled to invoice paid, will give you a complete overview of how your business performs every day, something that paper will not instantly provide you with!

A greener environment:

Paper reliance in business is a hindrance to efficiency and essentially a strain on the environment around us. For example, in North America over 10,000 sheets of paper are used a year by the average office worker. (Source)
Now imagine, as a business owner, at the start of the year you had to purchase 10,000 sheets of paper of each employee in your office… you wouldn’t, you would look for a cost-effective alternative. Now if this alternative can not only digitize your paperwork but completely streamline your business, you would definitely be interested.

Every business has the opportunity to reap the benefits of going paperless, why should your business miss out?

Contact us today to see how going paperless will benefit your business!