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16 Apr 2015

Tips on how to create a paperless office

in Technical Blog by Kae Verens

tips on how to create a paperless office fieldmotion workflow management software

Tips on how to create a paperless office

We have compiled a few tips on how FIELDMOTION can help you create a paperless office: 1. Reduce or discard paper Our workflow management software has been created to help field workers do paperwork in a more efficient manner. Using our form builder, you can create a truly paperless office. No more will you need to collect paperwork from the office. Everything can be filled out with our software. 2. File Storage All of the forms you have built onto the system will be stored for future use. That means all of the jobs you complete will be made available to you with the click of a button. Whenever you need to find a job that was completed weeks, months or even years beforehand you can find it all without the need of a filing cabinet and much faster. 3. Streamline workflow Field workers no longer need to make long journeys to and from the office to collect any paperwork. Allowing you to increase productivity, complete more ‘paperwork’ for jobs, save money on petrol and diesel expenses etc. Using our software will allow your office staff to receive paperwork instantly, so now you can bill for a job as soon as it is finished. 4. More efficient Your business will be more efficient because you no longer need paper. This, in turn means you won’t need a filing cabinet. You won’t have to recycle paper waste. Jobs are being processed much faster than ever before. The administration process is so much smoother. The list goes on and on. 5. Saving the environment Who doesn\'t want to save our precious planet? We have created a workflow management system that means we’ll never have to use paper. We don’t need to fill out paper forms, job sheets, risk assessments etc. We have allowed our customers to be more Green because they too have changed the way they do business. We won’t be cutting down any trees in the future.
There are so many areas that can help you create a paperless office. These are just a few that we know FIELDMOTION does to create a paperless office. We know because we implement this into our daily workflow management. This is only a fraction of what our workflow management software can do to help you and your business. Request a free demo today to see just what FIELDMOTION can do for your business.