Tracking your mobile workers in FieldMotion

FieldMotion’s field worker software automatically adds some geolocation data onto important events in order to allow measurement of distance traveled by the mobile workers, estimation of time to the next job (etc), or even just so the person in the office knows what field workers are near a job in order to be assigned it.

When a signature is take, the time and location is recorded. This is important, because a signature is a record of authenticity, so it is good to be able to verify not just that the recorded signature matches a person’s paper signature, but also that the person and the mobile worker were at a specific place at a specific time.
Photographs are datetime/location stamped in the field worker app as well, so we can say that a specific photo was taken at a definite time and location. For example, you will sometimes want the mobile worker software to verify that a photo was taken before or after a certain time or event, or that it was at a specific location. An example might be the taking a photo of a delivered asset, in order to verify when and where it was delivered.
We also stamp the events when you say you are on to way to a job, have started a job, or are completing the job. From a financial point of view, this is valuable information, as it allows the accountants to charge accurately for distance travelled and to figure out the mobile worker’s allowance, and allows the managers to manage field workers based on current locations.
In the office part of the field engineer management software, we encourage the managers to record the location of customers because it lets us set up route optimisation for the fieldworker, using our dynamic scheduler software.

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