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upcoming voting feature for clients

upcoming voting feature for clients

We’re trialling a system in-house at the moment which allows us to throw our ideas into a database and then vote on which ones get priority. This way our field service management software development work is not dominated by one or two voices, but is led by consensus need instead.

If this works out well, then we will be pushing it out to all of our workflow management software clients as well.
What will happen is that one client might have an idea of something that needs to be done for their job management software, will explain that in a post, and then apply a few of their votes to that idea. If other clients like the idea, they will also vote for it.
We will monitor the voting carefully, and every week (that’s the plan, anyway!), we will take the top few and get started on them.
This way, you get a stronger voice in what we do, and help to guide the field service software towards something that is even better for your own business than it already is.
In-house, we’re using this to help prioritise work that gets done, so we (the field management system development team) have very clear targets each week, so we don’t get mixed signals (everyone wants their own pet projects now, now, now, and we only have two hands each to work with 😉 ), and so that everyone feels a more collective ownership of things when they are completed.
We are really looking forward to seeing how this works out, and are excited to see what workflow software ideas you come up with yourself.

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