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19 Sep 2019

What Is Field Service Management Software?

in Service Management News by Manus Loughran

One of the most frequently asked questions on field service management software is people querying what it actually is.

Over the past number of years the usage of management software by field service companies has grown significantly because it can help to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

No doubt if you’re involved with or managing a field service company you would have been made aware of FSM (Field Service Management) software at business and networking events.

But often when people discuss FSM software at business events and presentations they can explain the functionality and purpose of the software in an intricate manner which can leave audiences confused, and often departing events still questioning the purpose of FSM software and unaware of the potential benefits it could have for a field service company.

So basically we’re going to transform the hard-to-understand jargon into easily interoperated information to enable you to get a better insight into field service management software.  Essentially, field service management software is a piece of software that allows you to schedule workers, collect important data and documentation, issue invoices, manage fleets, assets, and so much more. FSM is kind of like the alternator to a car. It’s a subtle, yet essential component that drives power to the other parts of the vehicle.

At its most basic level, field service management software is software used to track field operations of any kind. FSM software can also usually handle back-office tasks, like billing or invoicing.

What FSM software should ultimately provide above all else, however, is better customer service and higher customer satisfaction. You want all five of those stars on Google and Yelp, don’t you?

Common Field Service Management Software Features

Here are the features you’ll find in your typical field service management software vendor:


You can create and schedule both planned and reactive jobs directly to your field workers devices.

  • Jobs can be linked directly to your digitized job sheets.
  • Customer information can be synced directly to your devices.
  • You can capture all information including photographs and signatures.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

A Customer Relationship Manager allows you to keep track of all your customer details including all relevant documentation (notes, files, jobs etc) attached to a specific customer.

  • Customers details (notes, files, jobs, etc) are stored in the system
  • Set “callback” date/times
  • Complete history of customers job reports & invoices
  • Attach files to your customer, which can be sent automatically to your field workers


Scheduling allows jobs to be managed and timed effectively by using timeline and calendar features to show any coinciding or overlapping jobs.

  • Jobs can be created on mobile device and on the CRM
  • Receive real time job updates for on route, in progress and job completed
  • Manage planned / reactive jobs

Customer Portal

The customer portal is a gateway for your customer to view all relevant jobs and documents relating to them. This includes job reports, invoices and contracts.

  • Access to a calendar view of planned jobs
  • View completed job reports and invoices
  • Complete history of all jobs relating to customer

Asset Tracking

FSM software will allow you to keep track of all assets which require planned and reactive maintenance. Manage all service records, providing you with an up-to-date history.

  • Assign assets to locations
  • Track all maintenance and service history
  • Manage all warranty records
  • QR and barcoding

Stock Management

An inventory system allows the allocation of stock items against completed jobs.

  • Create and manage stock items
  • Allocate stock to user/vehicle/location
  • Record all stock items used
  • Set up low inventory warnings


Once a job has been completed, the office can generate an invoice automatically which can be sent directly to your customer.

  • Costs are created automatically
  • Invoice generated within moments of job completion
  • Invoices are converted to PDFs, using your own invoice templates
  • Integrate with Xero, Quickbooks and Sage.


Customize your own built in reports providing you with relevant information, allowing you to make better managerial decisions.

  • Access to financial data
  • In depth analysis of job reports
  • Utilize detailed asset management reports

If you’d like to learn more about the field service management software we provide at Fieldmotion, watch our online webinar today or book a demo with a member of our team at a time best suited for yourself.