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Fieldmotion 2018 Mass Challenge Finalists

Fieldmotion has been invited to participate in the 2018 MassChallenge Boston accelerator program.
We have been selected from more than 1,600 promising startups across industries and regions around the world.

2018 plans

It’s been about 6 weeks since my last post. In that time, we concentrated mostly on identifying and closing as many bugs and other issues that we could, to bring 2017 to a satisfying end. We deliberately avoided adding new features, so that we could make sure the year ended with a tidy and clean…
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New features

Wow – it’s been two weeks since my last blog! Shows how busy we are here in FM Central. Well, I suppose it’s time for a catchup on the last two weeks, then. Up until recently, we recorded the features and bugs of our field service management software in an internal database, marking then done…
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new manual site

Last month, we proposed writing a book to explain how to use FieldMotion, but realised that a much more useful reference would be similar to WikiPedia, where every subject has its own article which we can expand as we need to, with links branching off to related subjects. In the late 90s, a company I…
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selecting all assets in the app

When filling out a form in the app, it’s sometimes needed to select all assets that belong to a parent asset. Or even all of the customer’s assets. Example one: You are asked to inspect every fire extinguisher belonging to XYZ Ltd. So you create a job in your FieldMotion fire risk assessment software, assign…
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import system rewritten

An issue that comes up with our field management service software clients more and more often lately is that most of our file uploads and importers are written using Flash to enable the file upload. The reason for this is that up until recently, there was no other way to upload files without having to…
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Adding more field-based autonomy to the app

Generally, the way that service management software works is that you have an office-based staff which handles the apportioning of the jobs, and the field workers go out and handle those jobs. In some of our clients’ cases, they like to do it all out on-location. This involves bringing a laptop, because the CRM part…
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Field Service Software in the UK and Ireland

While we have customers in many countries, the vast majority of our active users are in the UK and Ireland. We have a screen which we use to measure lag from various areas, so we can figure out if reported issues are within FieldMotion (FM) or local networking issues. When it lights up a new…
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Fieldmotion the Mini-ERP

We were talking to some people recently about how the system works, and one of them said something that got us thinking. He said “This is so much more than just a field service management system. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something else there”. I turns out the something else…
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What we're working on this week

As usual, this stuff may take a few weeks to filter down into the production servers so you may not be playing with it until then, but I like to explain what we’re working on, to keep us excited and keep you apprised of upcoming stuff. If you want to give FieldMotion a try, plese…
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